I can make you all go ewwwww lol

Discussion in 'General' started by Skraggz, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Hey aint posted in a while but this is a lil :bolt:

    Right, so i saved a nice amount of green for my bong (only used it once aint had it long) so im thinking woo hoo bong time. I put in the green and nothings working at all, so pretty much the last bit of weed i saved 90% of it is grey/black, a waste. So i though well I gonna blaze til the day after tomorrow.......lets pack what i just used on the bong in a spliff :confused: yes it tasted like ass, weed just aint the same if you smoking it burnt lol i got a bit of a buzz off it but just tastes nasty. But i grabbed a lil munch and choc and redbull, n im just gonna chill and watch dogma. Peace GC
  2. Dude, from the legibility of your post, I would say your baked out of your mind. Mission Accomplished, soldier.

  3. lol, yeah this guy is mad baked. :smoke:
  4. Baked lol nah man wish it got me baked tho, i just burned that shit and thought well this is the last of the green i got so im gonna try and get a bit more out of it. Dont know what im gonna do with the bong tho, only used it once aswell. :mad:
  5. If you aren't baked you may want to enroll in a English as a second language course for some basic grammar skills.
  6. chill hommie, smoke one and chill on the real..
  7. rofl rofl rofl rofl.
  8. yeah man, your baked outta your gord, GOOD FOR YOU:hello::smoke::bongin:
  9. So you packed in the bong, and it didn't work somehow? Maybe you were too baked to realise that you already finished your stash...
  10. LOL! I've never been that baked, but I've been that fucked up on X. I broke my bubbler rollin on like 3 pills, and had forgotten about it until I woke up and went to pack some dank in it. It wasn't in it's spot and I'm all like "WTF?... Ooohhh shit, I broke it! :mad:"

    :D :smoke: :smoking:

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