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I can feel it in my bones....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. ....A big bad full moon late, late Sturday night. My hair is growing out, fingernails are getting all pointy, saliva gearing up in the back of my throat. Damn its going to be fun time at my house this weekend. :D
  2. Can I come to the party!

  3. AAARRRRROOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU! I feel my hair growing too. No wonder I need to shave every few hour!

    you crack me up Big Poppa!

  4. Oh we go again..... another full moon and BPP on the prowl..............keep your ass in Alabama friend!!!!!!!!

  5. Dr. Jekyl ain't leaving the farm all weekend long, but Mr. Hyde might :eek:

    But in all seriousness, am I the only person on this board who has problems with the full moon. I have a hard time sleeping, thought patterns change, mood swings, etc, IS there a medical condition for this????

  6. yea.... your a fuckin
  7. well that ain't too bad... you can claw the shit outa something, but you'll get slain easy..

    HP: 24
    AC: 16

    Str: 15

    Atk: Base atk bonus +4/+1
    Bite: 2d6+2

  8. Yeah...its called PMS! LOL
  9. Hahaha Buzz!!!!!

    BPP you are just an moon jukie my friend.. The moon gets full and you become a junkie!!!!!!!!!!!!or is that a flinkie...... Whatever.........

    Medical name for this???????? It's a mental condition Poppa.. It's called insanity!!!!!
  10. Police statistics actually show an increase in irrational behaviour during full-moon. A man walking naked through broadway you say, gotta be that time of month :)

    More interesting, the latin word for the Moon is Luna. and a common word for "crazy" is Lunatic :)

    go figure?!

  11. lunacy

    oh....and lets see how the big poppa wolf acts when cedric cobbs runs it down his throat this season on *checks schedule* september 27th.

  12. Norm I can't believe you are all ready to start talking football again. I bet Couch Nutt is trying to track down alumni to pay for last years team much less to start payingg this years players. LOL

    You better believe I felt the moon this month. Its been raing for months now and this was the first full moon that wasn't covered by clouds in about 4 months for me. My lungs hurt and I have a nasty cough, my arms and legs ache, my muscles are sore, etc, etc. I really tied a good on this weeekend. When you start pouring shots of rum on watermelon slices, you know its going to be a long night.

    I hope Budstock went good, I was with you in spirit.

  13. the maternity wards at the hospitals fill up also. the nurses told me they "prepare" all the rooms when the moons full.
    dont remember makin any under a full moon but two out of my three were born during them.

  14. lol...our last wasn't born during a full moon, but the mrs broke water right after a huge thunderstorm!...the moon is definately an influencer though...not to be sexist, but i seem to know more women than men it affects...

  15. thinking about my actions the last few nights....hhhm maybe the moon did influience an action or two or three.LOL
  16. My female dog went into heat during this full moon. The brim were biting in the pond a little better.

    Me, I kinda passed out Early Sturday night and woke up naked in the coyote pen at the local zoo.

  17. LMFAO! You're too much BPP! :)

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