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I can choose from a ton of strains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kable457, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Okay so I asked my dealer if he could get me som specific strains, and he said I can send you the list of all the strains I can get at the moment. This is the list:
    Pure power plant
    power plant
    Jack herer
    bubble hasj
    Master kush
    jack frost
    orange krush
    green crack
    pineapple mango
    durban poison
    white widow
    s5 haze
    pink blueberry kush
    sour diesel
    amnezia haze
    ice cream
    thai stick
    super silver haze
    black domina
    blue cheese
    critical mass
    blueberry white
    lemon drop
    santa maria
    critical haze
    buddy haze
    black mamba
    blue widow
    northern light
    chem wreck kush

    I'm thinking of getting jack herer/amnezia haze/northern lights. but I can't make up my mind. Any of you guys got some opinions on this? Tell me if you've tried any of these strains and if I should go for it :D Appreciate the help
  2. I'd personally get Sour Diesel and Master Kush, and maybe Northern lights if I had the money. But I don't know your dealer or anything but unless he has ties with a grower or a dispensary then you don't actually know if it's the true strain. But smoke up, have fun :smoke:
  3. 1. How did you remember all those? Did he text you the list...?
    2. What state do you live in?
  4. 1. Encrypted email
    2. I don't, I live in Norway

  5. Well if you would look under his name it clearly says he lives in vikingland. :p

  6. I only assumed that was fake... But I guess Norway makes sense now :p

    Shit man I'd buy a different strain every week until I found the perfect match for me.

  7. He needs to order it in mail, and it takes like a week or so to get it after I order
  8. I'd go with the Silver Haze :smoke:
  9. Haven't smoked any of them but the ones I really want to try are jack herer, super silver haze, northern lights and then maybe like a white widow or sour diesel. But those first three especially. Just out of interest is your dealer ordering from silk road?
  10. I'm not sure. I've talked to him about silk road, and he says he has used it, but I'm not sure wether or not that's where he's ordering from now.
  11. Ahh okay. I've used it a few times for unmentionables without issue but Australia have pretty good customs and weed is a lot less discrete than pills or powder. Some of the strains on there look awesome though :bongin:
  12. get one of these
    tried jack herer and sour diesel and both were awesome

    Jack herer
    durban poison
    white widow
    sour diesel
    amnezia haze
    thai stick
    super silver haze
    blue cheese
    critical mass
    critical haze
    northern light
  13. i think it would be better to find an actual dealer the mail is sketchy and often the post office workers will steal your package

  14. Tell that to the dealer, not him lol. The dealer is the one taking the risk
  15. Not really. The buyer is taking the risk. It's his address on the package and it's his money.

  16. ^this
  17. [quote name='"Wettach"']
    Not really. The buyer is taking the risk. It's his address on the package and it's his money.[/quote]

    I doubt that, it's probably going to the dealer then the buyer and seeing as how it's some oversees shit, OP's probably about to get his ass taxed...... but I have no Idea how it works in Norway so I'm gonna stop typing n
  18. You're right, I didn't see that his dealer was the one recieving the package.
  19. this is going OT guys
  20. Amnesia haze

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