I can be positive

Discussion in 'General' started by JamestheFreak, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Apparently you all think I'm some depressed guy that hates everything. Well I'm not I love lots of things!

    Lets see these are what I like

    Video Games
    weed (duh)
    and well thats all I can think of for now.

    Also I haven't been high for like a week. I'm usually 'Mr. Sunshine' when I'm high. Also I lost $1000 so I've been pretty pissed off.
  2. i notice girls isn't on that list...
  3. Why dont you like dogs????
  4. I had a dog but then she died...

    I don't care about females either. (I'm not gay though)
  5. So you don't care about your mom ????
  6. Cats are evil...Fuckin' hellish furballs.:cool:
  7. This must be some depressed guy that hates just about everything.

  8. Eww .
  9. I fucking LOOOOOVE apple sauce. So DELICIOUS!!!!

  10. Bfjuridiekehfufhbsjsoqjwnsnhxlaos wish I could smoke that stuff!
  11. Smoking apple sauce? I think you've smoked too much.
  12. Yeah, you might come off a lil neg around here man.. Its okay though..No need to frown
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95P1P6t9dAw]Cheer up Charlie - YouTube[/ame]
  13. why don't you like turtles? i hate you.
  14. I come off negative for my own personal opinions? How rude of you people!
  15. Look man, your life is your life and I respect that. Now all I ask and all should be asked is that same respect in return. I don't frequent this thread that much so i wouldn't know your history, but that's just basic respect.
  16. You guys are the one's that can't respect who I am. I can't blame you guys though since you can't really relate with me. I think I just need to smoke some weed but I can't...
  17. what was going through this kids head.


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