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I can 99% guarantee you have never toked like this (amazing device video content)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brutalwizard, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. [ame=]1942 Violet Ray Vaporization - YouTube[/ame]

    So with a a friend, playing with a master violet ray device all sorts of high. For those who dont know a master ray device is a disruptive discharge coil design based on the Tesla coil, with a tightly wound primary magnet coil connected to a vibrating resonator, high voltage capacitor and a separate secondary coil. This wondrous device transforms ordinary household electricity into a high voltage, high frequency, and low amperage electrical energy output. The high frequency of the output of the electrical charge ranges between 400 – 500 KHZ.

    Anyways we decided to try and see if we could toke with it, and it worked amazingly. Honestly if you havent seen a violet ray device before this is pretty trippy :smoke:
  2. Too many big words.

  3. I think most of the folks in the violet ray and wand club are sometimes a bit too embarrassed to admit why we've had access to such devices. :eek: :p
  4. Seems like an easy way for a stoned Led Zepp to electrocute himself... I will pass for now :confused:
  5. Haha, we snatched this one up at a yard sale.
  6. im good. seems like too much to do.

    cool though.
  7. Seems to burn the bud at times, can it be adjusted so it doesn't?

    Can it be used for hash?
  8. nobody was hitting it all i could see is u guys shotting your weed with lightning really lol
  9. look reall close there is a straw in frame:smoke:

    Not 100% sure, this is the first time we messed with this thing haha
  10. That looks like such a procedure to use it's not even funny.

    It's like I'd rather not operate the Delorean while I'm smoking my weed here boys.
  11. Seems like a hassle to me. But what do I know
  12. #12 brutalwizard, Aug 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2012
    about as much time and effort as knife hits or gravity bongs
  13. I will stick to good old fashioned fire.
  14. Don't you guys ever have moments when you want to try something zany? I mean Smoking is fun 100% of the time, but creating little contraptions or coming up with ideas is also very fun.
  15. Someones chased the dragon before...
  16. someone has never like science class before......
  17. *simple flick of lighter, applies flame to bowl*

    you right, you right. I have never toked like that, nor would I want to :p

  18. Nah i just thought it was funny how thats the exact same way you smoke heroin(chasing the dragon).
  19. After a quick google.... I hope you cleaned that thing off real good op. ;)

    And whats this chasing the dragon shit? Have you guys never used hot knives or something similar?

  20. Chasing the dragon is when you put it on foil, hold the lighter underneath and suck up on the straw. I for real dont do it though so i may be wrong.

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