I can’t tell if this is real weed or fake

Discussion in 'General' started by HitDagas, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. i bought $40 (4gs) earlier and didn’t really notice the weed because I had to drive home, but as I got home and opened it up the color just didn’t look right to me. But I’m not a expert in weed so that’s why I’m here, please help if you can!

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  2. Its weed, but it doesn't look to be 4G and they are stemmy popcorn buds. You can get a scale for around $5 on Amazon.

    It looks like you were sold weed that had the top good parts picked off and the dealer is selling basically stems
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  3. Thank you! I’ve been stressing a little because I wanted to smoke and game but was worried I would fall out as I’ve seen that happen firsthand and I don’t want any part in that wack bs!
  4. It's weed real shitty weed. Looks like they broke it apart to pick out seeds.
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  5. Looks like some good ole brick weed to me.
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  6. you need a new dealer or grow your own bro thats shocking
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  7. Pick out all the stems and have a little bowl. Tell us how it went.
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  8. No I grinded some of it down to see what it looked/smelled like when it was broken down.
  9. That's weed. Smoke up.
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  10. Thanks all

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