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I can’t get high as I used to anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shon22, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. I started smoking in 2018 started from bowl hits to about 3 blunts a day and I took my t break at the end of 2018 because I just wasn’t getting high anymore so then I stopped smoking marijuana for about 11 months. When I came back to it, I just wasn’t getting high only for about 15/20 minutes then it would ware off and it will only be body high I won’t be head high someone please help it’s only been a year that I’ve smoked now it’s not working anymore...I have gallstones that I just found out that I have it’s been there for about 10 months, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it????????
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  2. Has nothing to do with it. Get your gallbladder out.
    Maybe it’s just not for you? Maybe you don’t have the best marijuana?
    I’ve been smoking for 40+ years and I still get high.
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  3. Maybe. Thanks
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  4. Change how you consume and see if that helps.
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  5. Ok
  6. Take bong rips,,look into wax,,shatter,,crumble,,live resin ect

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  7. If you took an eleven month tolerance break and when you came back your highs only lasted 30 minutes you should give it up. What's the point.
  8. Okay, I do believe you! Also, there might be a connection between your gallbladder problem and your no high problem. Read granny post Omega 3, Pot, PTSD, Depression & Anxiety the high is generated by neurons in the brain. The bodies inability to process some fats may result in some damage to brain cells. The brain needs Omega 3 to produce healthy neurons. Solution, get the gallbladder out and take fish oil caps... give it a short time... I bet the high returns... This is not a marijuana problem but a brain processing disorder.... So, I’m not a doctor but have been through something similar. Besides, Granny always has the scoop on marijuana science... Good luck!
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  9. Thanks man
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  10. I respect that. I was only "half" joking.

    I don't get high on vaping or edibles. But like @smokeout69 said, try bongs, or pipe, or joints. Or, if you haven't tried edibles before, try that. Everyone is different.

    *Edit: Oh...and try different strains. Find out if Indicas or Sativas work better for you, etc.And narrow it down. But don't just smoke that. Keep trying other strains. After awhile you might get like 7-8 strain types you like, and just kinda stick to that I suppose?
  11. Thanks bro I appreciate it this makes me feel better gives me hope haha I’m going to do just that
  12. Thanks man I appreciate it
  13. Also, a friend told me he always preferred to eat first, vs eating after. He said it would fuck with his high. That might be good to know/verify with yourself.
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  14. Yes Defffff heard that one before also
  15. There we go...You should fast for 4 days straight. Then walk through a desert. Then smoke...hehehe. kidding.
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  16. This actually makes alot of sense!!

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  17. And actually life,,spiritual/mind changing in a good way when in right setting,,dont do em around a bunch of party poopers or drama queens or kings lol

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  18. First time I did shrooms, I started to see how (at least I thought I did), artists are able to see shadows and shapes in anything. It was really crazy.. I can barely draw. My stick figures look like porn.

    I also started on this internal loop of thought about pyramids and containers. Like I'm in a room. in a house, on a block, in a city, in a country, on a planet, in a solar system, in a galaxy., in a universe. Like how everything just branches out from small to big. In fact, I think I tried to write shit down one time..Lemme see if i can find it. It makes no sense...(refresh in a couple min)

    pyrmyind 3 dimendtions reality.....evertying makes sences but when yiou crossreferencwe it with "relatity"...totally insane.;..virus affects the unaffected portions of the a result the effects are totally "out as the posien eats y one porion of the has those disired order to archive multi diomention evertying makes this state of mindevert5yuing is relateded in multidimention..drugs are needed to trasnfers into that area...besause the posen is eating oour the various parts of our brain brain we are using that portion of the brain,....

    fulll utilizations of brain which resuls in maximased brain activity...we are using more of our brain....there are multiple dimentions reality traps uit all inside! reality traps it all inside ev"
  19. Yeah and thats all a bad trip really is crossing over and not finding ur way back to reality,,but of coarse u have the actual bad trip all paranoid n shit

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  20. I remember my mind racing faster than I could talk/write, and I literally couldn't communicate to anyone what I was seeing or feeling. In your mind, it all makes sense. There was this loony tunes poster on the wall of Wylie Coyote and Bugs Bunny riding mother-cycles, and I could see the chain moving (along with the floors and walls). It was insane..very tripping. Then someone decides to put on some Slayer Live concert (live at the warfield) on the TV, and that freaked me out, I thought I was seeing

    edit: my bad it was Taz and Bugs.


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