I can’t believe I smoked up the Xmas money!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by StillTalknShit, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Omg I can’t believe I burned through my Xmas money. I didn’t even realize how much I was smoking up. My SO & kids are gonna be pissed!! I live up the street from a dispensary and ever since they started selling $100 1/2 ounces I’ve been blowing through hundreds every week. Now i’m down to coins and I’m fucked ..

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  2. Lol are u trolling? Some 1 else did this last year here & they said it was a joke lol.
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  3. And I thought 50/half was getting rough
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  4. 50 a half Oz?? Damn Halfs of weed cost £100 here :bang: I can get half ozs of hash for £50 though :yay:
  5. I can get halfs the same price, not the hash though.
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  6. And OP, don't forget to smoke up your rent money, "Life goals"
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  7. I mainly smoke/eat hash edibles because it's alot cheaper + it helps more with my pain since it's stronger:smoke:, I can get weed fairly cheap though like 2.5gs for £15 or £25 an 8th ect most dealers charge £10 a gram in the UK :hide:
  8. You must feel really silly about now. Haha ratings!
  9. The weed must not be any good if you have to smoke that much of it.

    Ive been smoking since 67, and the shit weve got if you smoke a 1/3 of a joint your fried for hours, and if you fall asleep, youll still be fried when you wake up.

    I aint all about this clear high, no hangover type shit.

    Back in the 60s-70s all of the good weed would blow your lungs out, cause huge munchies, red eyes, and some of it would give people panic attacks, and paranoia.

    It was heavy in both body, and mind fuck. Made you think everyone was looking at you. And most all of it was very lung expanding. All of very best of the best of it was, without exeptions. We called it expando weed.

    And for me, if it doesn't give a good lung expansion, they can keep it.

    The best stuff Ive seen/had since the 70s was an old early 90s NL5/Haze x Skelly Hashplant/Skunk #1. It would completely blow your lungs out, and was done in 45 days. Feds ended up getting all those genes, and Ive been chasing after them ever since, with very little luck.

    Don't believe the shit about weed being so much better today, vs the old times land based originals.

    Its true weed has been hybridized, and bred to work killer under lights ect, and Im glad of it, but when the best of the best weeds are compared of then, and now, the vintage stuff was every bit as good as now, though today its much easier to get quality genetics that can rival the best shit ever, and you can grow it under lights. But much of it is simply boring. IMHO/YMMV.

    But to me, Im not impressed by most commercially available weed strains.
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  10. What makes you go with th flower over the hash
  11. Availability, hard to get good hash here so i don't bother.

    Back in the summer of 08 i had some good hash but i got some in 2011
    and was disappointed. Haven't bothered since, plus low tolerance these days.

    Tasty heads keep me happy.
  12. last week I had a young fellow say this was the strongest weed ever blasting on a Gelato
    I gave him a toke of our Red Port(purto Rojo) never to be seen again
    ,....he passed out ...lol
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  13. Right

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  14. You can always tell a troll post.
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  15. I'm sure your family knows you well enough to not expect much from you anyway so no harm done.
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  16. can u say irresponsible? weed should never come before your priorities.
  17. Stories like this make my day
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  18. I knew I wasn't the only 1 who remembered it lol

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