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  1. I was over at my grandparents house walking the dog, i walk into my room, get on the computer, checking e-mails etc.. I look to my left which is my desk for homework. I see a lighter, i am like "oh..." keep looking left, i see my pipe :eek:. But my mom has not said anything. I keep it stashed in my closet and i look in there and my mother has clearly been cleaning in there. So i scramble as quietly as possible and hide the pipe and lighter. Luckily it was a brand new pipe so i had not smoked out of it, nor did i have any weed. haha She has not said anything all day, what do you think i should do? Not say anything, i don't know what her stance on it is, but obviously she didn't throw it away. Luckily she didnt tell my dad, but i suspect that is because they are getting divorced and she didn't want to get blamed for me smoking ( my dad blames my mother for everything) But at least she didnt find cigarrets or alcohol ( which would have been worse since my dad is a part time alchoholic and drunk, and i vowed i would never be like him.) I think i wount say anything, stay low and not smoke for a little. But what do you think i should do?
  2. I wouldnt worry about it
  3. Yea, I wouldn't worry about it. From what I have seen, if a parents isnt fine with their kids smoking and they find any paraphernalia they would let you know how they feel.

  4. Yea i was thinking the same. It was just awkward because we were going to the beach when i saw that. So i was with my mother the whole day and it was awkward in the car because every time she spoke i thought it was going to be about the pipe. But she seems to have chilled off about it. We shall see though how events turn out, but like you said she didn't say anything, then i assume she has no problems with it and or is not bothered by it, and or didnt know what the pipe and lighter were for (although i highly doubt that :rolleyes: )
  5. if its clean say its for a friends bday or somethin.:cool:
  6. Yea, it will be fine. Just be a little more careful now. She might be on the look out for other things too. I know when my mom found out she became an even nosier bitch. She just walks into my room and starts looking around everywhere. lol
  7. i wouldn't bring it up to her. but if she questions you. say you were holding it for a friend or maybe that you wanted to try it so you bought a pipe but like never found anyone to sell weed so you decided not to try it.
  8. My parents were against it when they first found out when I was 16... I started smoking when I was 12... But now I'm 19 and sometimes they ask me to roll up a jay and smoke it with them:D

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