I call it "Leftdelph"

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  1. I got it for 400 at a local shop. The dome and nail was another 120. It is by far better than my last tube and skillet.

    ForumRunner_20120315_123447.png left coast 10 arm tree illedelph catcher.

  2. Nice purchase. :D Maybe a milk vid? Enjoy. :smoke:
  3. I would do a milk vid if u had someone to hold camera. it will come soon.
  4. Lol don't have a desk to set the camera on?

    Looks amazing! Milk it!
  5. 120 for that dome, jesus christ. But atleast you got a sick deal on the delph and tube.
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    [quote name='"I lik3 w33d"']120 for that dome, jesus christ. But atleast you got a sick deal on the delph and tube.[/quote]

    Dome and it looks like a ti nail

    The dome was prolly 40
  7. I had to get a 18mil nipple. The nail is titanium and adjustable. Also the dabber. Forgot to mention that.
  8. eesh! you got jipped on that dome setup
    most they should go for is like 50-60
  9. ^
    Plus the Ti nail and the dabber, 120 sounds about modestly overpriced.
  10. awesome pickup man
  11. This.

    Proving that the more you throw on your piece, the better it is.

    Seems like the absolute quintessential errl rig, no?
  12. on the second picture it looks like there is a plant growing out of the bowl. its awesome looking.
  13. Looks like it is going to bring some fun times haha lets see some milks.
  14. Milk will come. i bought this just for oil and wax. Nugs are always fun to burn, im just stuck on oil right now. Thinking of adding a Toro to the collection.

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