I call it "HydroGanics" 100% Organic Soil combined with Bio-Bucket Hydro! (Theory)

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    Hey All! :)

    Ok... so I haven't gotten a full prototype going yet but I'm curious as to what folks think about what I'm doing here. Especially feedback from anyone doing anything similar.

    HydroGanics simplifies the use of hydroponics and merges it with the best that organic soil growing has to offer. In doing so I'm also anticipating removing a huge amount of work and knowledge normally necessary with hydroponics.

    EDIT: The name HydroGanics is taken. Currently looking for a name that properly describes this process. :)

    By allowing the plant access to both nutrients in the organic soil and tap-water through the bucket system, it separates its roots into the two types sending the nutrient roots into the soil and sending ONLY the WATER roots into the water.

    This allows the plant to suck up as much water as it needs, anytime it needs it. Since it's just water, it doesn't accidentally 'burn' itself by overfeeding on a high nutrient content of the water.

    The organic soil allows the grower to get the ultimate medical by simply watering with tap or RO water (depending on the quality of their tap-water) with an occasional foilar feed if desired.

    The Bio-Bucket Method allows you to keep the reservoir topped off with tap-water without having to worry about pH at all and also allows you to run the res temps at 85F which actually allows the roots to grow at the rate they're really supposed to.

    I'm presently working on techniques to quickly grow a water tap-root down a few inches to make the transplanting process quicker. Once grown I'll put it into a modified flower pot like this one, dropping the tap-root down below the bottom of the pot...

    The pot will then be set on TOP of a Bio-Bucket system set up with plain tap-water.

    I'm definitely looking for any and all feedback on this. I heard about a bucket system that has dirt in one side/half and hydro filling the other side/half. Something about double str nutes in the soil and the plant not getting burned. Research will tell :)

    GROW ON!

    p.s. The original idea for HydroGanics was sparked 2 weeks ago when I saw an Ebb&Flow table setup where the fellow had used regular pots with holes around the edges and set them on platforms out of the water that allowed the roots growing from the holes to reach the water on the table. I instantly had the picture of the Bio-Bucket system converted to 100% soil Organics and the race has been on since!
    Everyone should be able to grow their own food and medicine. My efforts are dedicated to this cause.
  2. You're a madman.

    I love it.

    As to whether or not it will work, don't believe anything anyone says. As far as I know, no one on earth has tried anything remotely close to this and documented it.

    The only thing I can imagine happening is some seriously shocked and confused plants. Having roots in two different mediums is quite odd, and they may not be able to handle nutrients form one set and water from the other.

    But like I said, I have no fucking clue what I'm talking about. Give it a whirl, and lets see some pics!

    Grow on man!
  3. I don't know about your theory, but Hydroganics is nothing new.

  4. Hrmmm... Well, out of 768 pages indexed by google.com for HydroGanics (with my post yesterday being number 2) I'd say there isn't much in the way of what I'm doing.

    You ARE correct though. The name HydroGanics has been trademarked and patented, blah blah blah for a liquid organic nutrient hydroponic system.

    Ok.... So...... Anyone have a better name?

    Something simple that says both Organic soil and water hydration..... maybe get rid of the name hydro altogether since none of the usual garbage goes along with it?

    Is it technically hydroponic if none of the nutrients are coming through the water? :)
  5. Many around me would agree heartily with that statement :) Thank you

    I'll be posting pics once I have something to show for it.

    I'll also see if I can dig up the original article I read. From reading it, it sounded as if the fellow had actually done a successful harvest of plants using his modified Ebb&Flow table. (can't remember what kind of plants they were either)

    I don't remember too much because the sky fell on my head and I had this vision fogging everything up :)
  6. not sure if this counts but i had my plant in 4 gallons of some organic soil, and she sorta locked up on me i think from mixing too much plant food and nutrients, so i a bought this sologrow hydro bucket.

    So when i repotted her, obviously there is no way in hell im gettin all that dirt out, so she has about a softball size dirt/rootball and is now placed in the hydrobucket with about a gallon or so of hydroton clay balls

    Its been about 3 days now and she is looking healthy and strong, greener, bushier, bigger.

    dont know if it counts as "Hydroganics" but i was definitly nervous as hell to attempt this, being my first grow n all

  7. It's definitely a start! :) Just make sure you keep the dirt up on top of the hydroton. Try not to disturb the soil too much when you're watering it every few days and keep a sharp eye out for toxic soup forming from the dirt in the water.

    If you're still in the veg cycle.... I would definitely consider gently washing the roots out in the tub by hand. It may take a LONG time but keep at it with cool water until you've got as much out as possible. (Don't worry... you won't hurt the lady... just try not to break off TOO many roots. heh)

    If you're in flower... doing this will slow it down for a while... possibly effect yield as well I don't know. If it were myself, I'd try and re-veg if it wasn't too far into flower and then try flowering again.

    If you're looking for the most simple nutrient method for that hydro bucket... I can't recommend the Lucas Method Enough. It's simple enough that you'll be able to focus on your plants without having to worry about learning hydro at the same time. :)

    GROW ON!
  8. I think its a stupid idea, and it sounds like more work.
  9. It aint a stupid idea. Besides, the more work you put in, the more you get out :)
    I can see it working, but i guess you would probably end up with the same result by just using a DWC system and organic nutrient liquid mixed in your water. Except maybe changing the water/nutrient mix more often than a hydroponic mix.
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    Actually, I have never heard of the brand name "Hydroganics" But I do know I used the same term " Hydroganic" several months back on these forums.

    It can be considered hydro any time you have constant fluid flow with added oxygen into the reservoir , soil based or not, and Organic when unprocessed organic nutrients are used. I have been researching ideas and concepts for close to 2 years now, But I am not releasing my results or methods yet...No...Not until effectiveness is confirmed.

    But if you do have a truly original Idea I salute you and encourage your efforts to the fullest.
  11. if you had the bottom of the pot filled with perlite or somthing to stop so much soil pouring into the res it would work well.

  12. I hear ya Cork, I have the hole through the center blocked off with a spacer so that the water applied won't seep through the center.

    There will be a rockwool cube sitting on top of that spacer so it will act as a filter and keep the dirt out. :)

    The best part is that when the res gets too dirty I can dump it and won't be throwing money away with nutrients left in it. It's just plain water. :)
  13. Thank you ;)

    I was keeping this to myself as well but figured since I'm doing it so small families can successfully grow their own cheap organic garden food.... Why the hell not get input from a bunch of crazy ass techno growers :smoking:

    That and, though I've been growing in the garden all life, I'm new to Organics.
  14. Cool :) My first naysayer. :p

    It is. Once it's set up though it will only need watering every few days so I'll have a lot more freedom.


    GROW ON!
  15. I just uploaded pictures out of one of the pot mags. It shows that it is in fact documented and it does work. This guy grows afberry bullrider and it ends up real nice.
    Its deff worth a shot to try. Everyone that says it wont work obvously doesnt know how versitile weed plants are. They only need a few things to survive. But they will flourish in this system if done right. The pics show you whats up. check em out. They arent great but u can see

  16. Thank you 2Green2... At least I know I'm on the right track! :)
    What magazine was that in? I've been living in cave for a few years and haven't been keeping up so I'm not surprised to see someone else doing something similar.

    I'm really just combining a few different methods myself. My main concern is how long it will take to generate a beneficial bacteria field in my water when I'm not running any nutes in it.

    Anyone have any experience with this? :)
  17. [​IMG]

    u cant see this either? and the magazine is SKUNK. volume 4 issue 4. Its a couple page article on the topic
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    hey hope Im not too late for the name. Hoiw about organiponics.

    I use a compost tea myself in a modified biobucket system I developed big pot of hydrotron sitting in 5 gal bucket with pump in the bucket and tubing right straight up the inside of the pot and a ring of tubing with holes to drip all arounfd it. constant recirculation and just add more tea with a little mg a little pot nitrate and a little epsom salts.
    grows from a seed to two feet tall in one month and no ph balancing act no lines to leak and just been adding more of my mix. If I do need to flush just lift it set in in another empty bucket thats handay and fill from top let it run a while and go back to first bucket which ya dumped and have ready. If you wanted you could go with fill and drain lines but I like it simple for just a few plants and it seems to make the use of mg for nutes as the tea supplies all the micro nutes and also the big pot of hydrotron forms a bio field to make nitrafication by bacteria possible. got two great looking plants right now in this and already have show preflowers on their own just bagseed as they say but come on people you buy a bag of weed dont you make sure its good shit ---- ergo whats wrong with bagseed it might be kush it might be ? who knows everyone dosent get pure sinse I get mabey 5 seed from a ounce I thought was awesome shit Im going to use it!!!!
  19. -Hydrorganics-

    And i think it sounds like a novel idea. For those not seeking to further their knowledge of growing, keep doing the same 'ol thing while others are moving on. Peace.
  20. Thanks for the support :)

    I've actually shelved my own project for a bit. Things were too complicated and I needed to focus on getting my meds right away.

    I'm loving that it's being done by others and will be glad to have the time to look into it again some day ;)

    Grow On! :)

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