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I built a tolerance? ...damn

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ienjoysmokin, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. I figured out I got a tolerance, but it makes sense tho, I been smoking about 3 or 4 days every week.

    I figured out when I was smokin with my friends last night, they was all pretty baked and feeling cool, and I was just buzzed. Had like 2 blunts and some bong rips, and still wasn't blazed.

    But shitttt that means either I gotta buy some more weed, or stop smoking for a while, what GC think?
  2. i know how you feel, i crossed that bridge a few months ago. i tried doin a T-break but it didnt go too well, ended up just smoking more to compensate. although while im home for spring break this week i'm going to have to abstain, so i guess im getting that T-break after all:smoking:
  3. ya man 5 days or so and youll be getting blitzed again if your on some chronic. Either that or make a tincture or some brownies. They conver tetra 9 hydrocanobidol into tetra 10 when you eat it. You have no tolerance built to the ladder.
  4. How much were you smoking each time? I managed to smoke every day for almost a year without building much of a tolerance. I definitely had a tolerance, but I would still get a lot more high than most people I know, even those who don't smoke often. However I limited my smoking to my pipe only most of the time, this meant I could use like 0.2 or 0.3 and be blazed, while the same amount in a joint would only get me half the way there.
  5. ok first of all..WTF? ive posted like 3 times this same thing and noone responded to mine..and second,this happend to me..i smoke everyday and i like cant get high..maybe its the weed? i buy 60$ 1/ its not too shitty,it seems like i only get stoned when im drinking.and im no light weight..i usually only get a 6pack and take a couple bong rips and im gone..but y cant i just smoke weed and get stoned?:(:confused:
  6. you must smoke like 4 blunts every time you smoke if two blunts and a few bong hits didnt get you lifted.

    ive never experienced such a tolerance unless ive smoked mad herb for like 4 days straight... and im an every day (2-4 times a day) smoker.
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    Yea man, 2 blunts and you're only buzzed? I'd be retardedly high. I'm a 2-4 times a day smoker too: wake and bake, another 1-2 times during the day, then again before bed. However, I don't gain a tolerance at all and all I smoke is heddys (its impossible to get shwag or mids here, they're non-existant) I am pretty small so it could be due to my weight, idk. I can get a good buzz off of .1

    Just took an unintended 1 and a half week t-break because I had no money. However, my stepdad gave me $100 on Thursday for no reason so I'll be buying fairly soon :smoking: gonna be getting very blitzed.

    But yea, I'd say just take a few days off, like Monday-Friday. Go for it after school or work or whatever on Friday and see where that stands you at
  8. idk ive smoked every day for about a year and i still get maaad nice. i smoked 2 blunts and bong hits last night to haha i was maaad ripped

  9. It is said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results...

    I've been smoking 1 to 2 to 5 times a day depending on the day, for about 9 months. Once I realized it was taking a stupid amount of weed to get comfortably high, and I was just going out for a bowl or two with hardly any results. I was thinking, umm why am I even smoking if I'm not getting super blazed, which for me was the reason i loved it so much in the beginning. Hence, T break.. I'm on day 3, I'm not smokin til 4/20 ha, so i'll have a nice 3 week break by then.
  10. I have the same issue. I don't get "high" anymore...Just a little chill. I have been thinking of only smoking at certain times, but shit..It has become more about the ritual of it at this point as well as for the benefits for body aches/headaches.
  11. save money and dont buy weed just smoke with friends when they smoke you up and dont spend any money on weed for a month or two then when you get money smoke up your friends that smoked you up, so youll probably be smoking 2 times a week
  12. I tried a t-break a while back but I couldn't resist the urge to smoke. However, I did cut down to just like .3 at night from 4 sesh's throughout the day. When I smoked about a gram after 2 weeks of just smoking a little at night, I was pretty blasted. I'd say try that.
  13. I think I have a worse problem. Its like, I only smoke on weekends, but i only get truly blazed the first time I smoke on the weekend (I smoke atleast 5+ times over the course of the weekend) and none of the sesh's are as good as the first.. Granted I smoked over 10grams yesterday, didnt think id build a tolerance instead of getting high as fawk.
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    If you're smoking a good amount of weed like that within like a day just think about it, you have 10 grams of thc molecules in your body now, how wouldn't that cause some tolerance lol

    I understand what you're getting at though: you don't smoke often and only on the weekends. But from the sound of it when you do smoke you smoke a shitload lol, so I guess it kinda makes up for not smoking that often. I smoke everyday but I can make a dime last a week. Its all about moderation; if you limit yourself to a certain amount your body is gonna get used to that, of course after a while its gonna get used to it in the form of tolerance so you will need to t-break for a little bit. I'm really high so I hope this is making sense and isn't just a bunch of rambling
  15. Yah, I'm not doubting It would build tolerance, but I didnt think it would build it THAT fast, from the time I smoke the first time to every other time. I think its like that all the time, cant remember but i build tolerances pretty fast it seems, just dont get BLITZED like I used to, except for when I take LOONG breaks and smoke DANK
  16. You don't have to quit smoking, you can just stop smoking as much if your a heavy smoker. When I have green, and plenty of it, I usually smoke 3 - 4 times a day, with friends or not.

    Try and limit yourself to once a day, in the morning or night, for a week and your tolerance will be down or every once and a while, just take 2 days off here and there. Works for me, will probably work for you, think of some stuff like stop smoking when your low on cash and consider it a break while your at it.
  17. I smoke daily, have been for over 3 months, pretty dank stuff too. I don't notice tolerance affecting how high I get, only the duration, it's much shorter. Instead of a 3 hour high, it's more like 1.5-2 hours.

    I get a ton of exercise though, eat well, and have under 5% body fat, so I guess the thc that gets stored in my fat is burned off quickly.
  18. My tolerance got extremely high, but extremely for me just meant that instead of like 4-5 rips off a blunt gettin me high, it took a whole blunt to myself. i thought that was bad, but shiit dude, youre taking two blunts and bong rips and only gettin buzzed? DUDE, that fuckin blows. My tolerance drops within about 5 or 6 days, so just save some cash up, stay clean, and then reward yourself after a week by getting really high again off of one blunt, due to your low tolerance :p

    Doesnt that sound nice? Now excuse me, imma go get stoned....
  19. I keep my tolerance fairly low by smoking just a bowl or two a day. Every 3 or 4 days I'll smoke a fat blunt with friends. That way I can smoke a lot and still keep my tolerance to a minimum. A bowl a day isn't gonna raise your tolerance much, if at all.
  20. take a t-break till 4/20, its not too late to start. i was an everyday smoker for two months and have abstained since 3/21. im just about halfway there.

    4/20 is going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great.

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