I brought a 15" plant that began to flower inside, HELP

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Okay so I just brought a 15" plant that has began to flower inside. Right now it gets light outside about 7am and the last light is about 8:30. So the plant was getting approx 13 hours of light outside.

    Anyway I want to grow it as a mum and veg it a bit longer.

    I have it under my 70w hps and 66w of flouro's for 22 hours of light right now (tonight/today) will be the first time inside.

    Should this plant be okay? It has hairs starting to show but no real bud growth so i suspect its fairly early in the flowering (Michigan) The plant is White Widow.

    Any suggestions or help will be appreciated , thanx
  2. If it was starting to flower, it wouldn't be wise to send it back to 20/4 or such. That can ruin your grow, and the stress will more than likely promote a hermie.

    If you havn't already done it, leave the plant outside and allow it to flower.
  3. Im not sure how many days exactly it is into flowering since the plant was growing outside in a location that I didn't check it regularly. My guess is, its at least a few weeks though. It has pretty thick hairs on the tops.

    Right now just to try and not stress it "too" much I have it on about 2 hours of darkness and 22 light.

    If it becomes a hermie........it can pollinate its self right? Seeds should still be good??? Or will they be like a Kentucky step son?, LOL.

    So next time, after a plant flowers.....should I just harvest the large buds and then bring the rest of the plant in?

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