I broke my toe...STORY

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dhoyda, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Last night, I was smoking a blunt with a buddy that just got back from College. I got back a few weeks ago. We were kicking off the summer the right way. Smoking marijuana.

    I was laying on one of his beds in his house, and my cell phone rang. I jumped up to answer it, high as fuck, and got the comforter caught on my baby toe. I started to jump off the bed and i heard this nasty ass pop and then my toe was instantly numb and swollen. I was wiggin out.

    I woke up today and went to the hospital to get some pain meds or something.

    The doctor takes an x-ray jut for precautions and the bone in my foot that connects by baby toe to my heal is SNAPPED. WTF? Now, I have my entire foot taped and crutches.

    The doctor asked me I was under the influence of alcohol and I said yes, and then laughed a little.

    Worst part is, he didn't give me any pain meds, and I guess I will just self medicate, with WEED.

    Ohh well, no more beds for me high.
  2. haha tell him to hand over those nice little pain killers

    he'll probably think youre just going to OD on it or something haha
  3. Lol. That sucks. I laugh when I think back on when I fell straight forward off a fence and broke my face...kinda sounds like your story...just like...wow...I broke my tow on a bed. For me...wow...I just stood there and fell. Lol
  4. lol the worst thats happened to me is when i had the munchies BAD, so i popped in some stauffers linguini with chicken in the microwave for 10 minutes. the second its done i open the microwave and take big biteful or scorching hot chicken linguini and immediatly decide the best plan of action was to swallow it. BAD IDEA, my throat hurt so bad for a week.
  5. Nice, man. I do the same thing when I get something hot in my mouth. I could tell so many stories of not being about to eat or drink anything for weeks without my eyes watering from the pain. Good times, nonetheless!

    Sorry about your foot. I did something similar on a desk at school and I know how annoying the little boot can be (hopefully they've gotten something a little better for it than what I had back in the day).
  6. They didn't even get me a boot, the doctor said it would be fine wrapped, but I have to use crutches, so a boot wouldn't help anyway. ohh well.

    Now I have a broken toe/foot and a funny sotry.
  7. Eaxactly! Way to find the silver lining. :laughing:
  8. should have got VIKS!!!
  9. Don't you hate when you hurt yourself and it's basically your own damn fault? I broke my toe last fall and it hurt to walk on for almost 3 weeks. The damn thing it still a little swollen now. I don't think it healed 100% right. I did it by banging my foot into a door while running down the hall. It hit dead on the toe. I didn't even think it was broken at first, I just thought I stubbed it really hard. Then I inspected it and there were crunching sounds accompanied by pain while moving the toe with my fingers. Yuck.
  10. Lmao owch that sucks.
  11. damn that sucks
  12. I broke my toe once when i was like 12 but my dad wouldnt take me to the hospital, he said tough it out.
  13. There really isn't anything they can do at the hospital unless the toe is compound fractured or something. All you can do it splint it and tape it to another toe. That's what they would do at the hospital. You make it sound like your dad was being harsh, maybe he was, but there's not much to be done for a toe in the hospital.
  14. Dam bro that sucks he did not give you any pain meds, well all the more reson to blaze. :smoking: JOE>
  15. He broke his toe, they dont give you painkillers for shit like that.

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