I broke my BONG Can anyone fix it ?

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  1. I don't know any glass blowers and i need my bong repaired. the glass on glass fitting broke off when my dog knocked it over, I paid like $250.00 and don't feel like spending that again but really love my piece and hope it can be salvaged.
  2. ^ Fail ^
    Same person ><
  3. Try 420repair.com
  4. You can't mail a piece with resin on it. Even microscopic amounts.

    But that doesn't matter, you're just advertising. Fail.
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    get some better web design! I can make ya up something for something in exchange.

  6. Wow, two whole posts, and they're both advertising a website. LAME!!!:wave:
  7. a misleading website!!

    damn you
  8. thanks for the tips, nothin goin on with 420repair.com but spectrum69.com was very helpfull, any tips for cleaning without some expensive over the counter solution?

  9. this site was plain but to the point, live reps!

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