i broke her, AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

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  1. so i was tieing some branches off and pulled to hard on the opposit of one i had already tied down. she split dwn the middle. can anyone help with what to do or to expect? is she gonna die?

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  2. It's cool jus put a lil tape on it to keep it up right until it heals then remove tape
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  3. Replied on the other thread yoda

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  4. tape her up

    leave in dim light for 2 hours

    good luck
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  6. well, 12 hours since break. i have it held up tight with pipe cleaner. she show no signs of stress or anything yet. keep hope, this is one of my 2 diesels that i planned on scroging.
  7. it looks like you just broke the node off with some of the main stalk skin....
    just cut it off, put a dab of honey on the wound (anti viral/fungal/bacterial) and TAPE IT shut, so long as its not flowering after a few weeks the wound should be healed
    just tying it together with a pipe cleaner is asking for infection
    imagine someone severing your finger and them reattaching it with a pipe cleaner expecting it to be fine; Probably isnt going to work out too well, is it?

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