i bring WEED to SCHOOL!!!

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    years ago i allways brang my weed to school keep it my locker and smoke weed with my friends during break, lunch , after school . we can get weed delivered to our school during lunch usually.they do not do locker searches and my locker usually stinks of weed thnx to the bubba kush.during winter or when its raining, we can smoke right beside the school and no one finds out cuz no one goes outside. u can get away with skipping half the day to smoke weed.

    now that u know how my school is like . i wanna know how your school is like?
    can u bring weed to school?
    do they have dogs that search lockers?
    P.S. im really baked right now so i know my grammer sucks
  2. I knew kids in my high school that smoked in school, too. I wasn't into it as much then as I am now, so I never did.

    Is your name skooma from the Elder Scrolls series? I know there is a drug in them called skooma, but I don't know if it is exclusive to Morrowind or not, excuse my ignorance.
  3. Your not 18 are you?

  4. i am old enough to be on this site

  5. yeh its from morrowind and oblivion.in morrowind there was also moon sugar which was like another drug.and there was even skooma pipe's
  6. lol ur cool
  7. man, thank god i'm not in high school anymore.
  8. Oh alright I just thought it seemed a little childish when you said "I bring my weed to school" from what i remember thats what freshies used to say when they were trying to be cool. haha I hope you took no offense cuz if you did I just might have to fight you.
  9. You realize you bragging about that makes you look totally stupid, right?
  10. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard not only are you obviously not 18 but you show that you don't care if you get caught. You are extremely irresponsible and give weed smokers a bad name. Don't breed.
  11. lol this kid thought everyone was gonna be like whoa!! man your so cool, this is just foolish & stupid.. bringing weed in school is just begging to get caught, & bragging that your locker smells is also stupid if your gonna bring weed into school bring something to over power the smell.

    Just stupid!!
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    I hope people understand that when you have drugs in or even near a public school of any kind, the laws change significantly. If you get caught around a public school where I am from with an ounce or under, there is a MMS and it is a felony.

    If you get caught with anything under an O, you get arrested, fined, and you best not get caught again.

    It's stupid, sir, to bring weed anywhere near a school zone. Respect those who have to be in school to educate themselves... Some people just don't want to be around it due to it being illegal.

    I'm not trying to bash you, but things like this is what makes it so fucking "bad" in the first place[according to society, that is]. Be respectful, kind, and honest - karma will treat you well.:smoking:

    Edit: You need to go home from school, smoke a bowl, write an amazing paper, bring it to class, and give a speech. Then, when everyone asks you where you go the idea - let them know discreetly. MJ is an amazing thing when used like it is intended.
  13. Everyone boo this man

  14. ^^^lol at this guy ima rep you for that.
    but yeah dude your so cool for taking WEED to SCHOOL!!
  15. I like you, bro. You're pretty awesome!!!
  16. hi om 12 and i brunged a weed on to school days. Me the janiter wit brooms smoke a weed in the outside next to walls.

    i has lokker with bubba on it.
  17. I don't understand what would compel someone to start such a pointless, obviously ego-feeding thread as this.
  18. hahahaha his smiley for the thread is the "cool" face hahaha
  19. I like how he edited his post so it says years ago lol
  20. Dude... that was a perfect response, i couldn't agree more... karma. I usually make a point to stay clear of school zones when i burn cruise, and every time i smoked during high school i always did it well away from school property and left it in my car. +rep man. peace. :hello:

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