I bought the greatest thing ever

Discussion in 'General' started by dudeimoncoke, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I was in a 99 cent store today buying batteries and I found this:

    I just smoked a bowl and I'm having a blast playing this.
  2. Holy shit thanks dude for the memory flashback...:D

    That's awesome, I can't believe they still make those things.
  3. Haha yes!!!!!!!
  4. get good at that and to taco bell and play that water change game were you put spare change in this tank thing and try to land it on a plat form but the water never lets you win but if you do you get a taco or some shit, do they still have those?
  5. lol omg so old!!
  6. Hahaha, my high school physics teacher had one of those things on her desk...and every day during the news show I would sit there and play with it. Good times. :D
  7. i neeeeeeeed it. that was my favorite as a kid O_O

    what the heck why do u need batteries
  8. Yooooo omg i remember that. It was one of my favorite toys and i got so many of those in different shapes and shit.
  9. Uber nostalgia
  10. Woah! I almost passes out from that overdose of awesome. You should get an etch n sketch next.
  11. that looks mad difficult
  12. Fuck Me!
    I broke mine and never found another one again...
    I need to head on over to the dollar store like right now.
  13. This is indeed a EPIC STONER WIN :D
  14. My grandma had one of those when I was 17 and I am 45 now... That's how long it's been. Yeah back in the day me 'n my cousins would fight over it.
  15. hell ya they do lol. My friend played that and one he just started screaming "I WON HOLY SHIT I WON!" good times:smoke:

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