I bought some DANK from the club yesterday... found seeds in one of the nuggs???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SmokeMB, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Yep. The strain is "Chocolope" and let me tell you, its fuckin dank. Smells so different after you break it up, very interesting strain. Anyways, as I was breaking some up a few minutes ago, I found some seeds in the bud. I've never found seeds in any bought bud before, so as a new grower, whats the potential for these seeds to grow next summer, and how is it possible to find seeds in such good bud? Just curious, still newer to this.
  2. That plant must of turned hermy. Nice little reward for you tho.lol Personally ive never gotten a single seed from the dispencery, and thats where i get all my buds. That chocolope is pretty unique too, i like it :smoke:
  3. Yeah, the smoke is fucking great. I'm high as fuck right now. Think I can grow those seeds outdoors next year?
  4. That's like a bonus in your sack if you ask me. I've only found a couple freak seeds in canna club weed and you bet I grew them out. You never know the genetics though, because it could have been pollinated by a nearby crop, or it could have hermied and be pure chocolope. I'd google the strain and see if they have a tendency to hermie and that might give you a clue. No matter what it will probably be decent if you grow it out. Have fun with that.

  5. Yeah, I was quite surprised when I pulled the 4 seeds out when I was breaking up the herb. Now I'm extremely excited to try growing them next season!
  6. are they good sized seeds? because if they are small or immature seeds they may not even be worth keepin around.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. hmmm, im not quite sure. look a bit immature to me. The seeds that i've seen people use and that i've gotten in seed orders have stripes on em and are a bit tanner.

    maybe go take em into the dispensary and ask them if they think they are viable seeds to grow with? they would know better since all we can see is a picture.
  9. I wouldn't have high hopes for those, sorry. I do occasionally find seeds in my clinic's flowers that are mature, I've actually got a purple elephant going thats about 40 days old and just found out its a girl(YAY!). I've even talked the cute Budtender at a local clinic out of a couple stashes of seeds, their vendors have some good genetics.

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  10. Might be hermied or he was just pollinating some of the branches of the plant for see stock and some pollen happened to fall on an unintended bud site

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