I bought my first bong for 140$

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  2. Hey Nation420, you need to host your images somewhere like ImageShack or PhotoBucket... Then post the URL's :)

    The picture will not show because you're pulling them from your Yahoo inbox. And of course, we don't have access to your inbox :)

  3. ty very much, i just updated them to photobucket
  4. id pay maybe 50-60 bucks for that personally
  5. OP, nice bong and all but not to be anywhere near hating but I think you could have done better.

    Well, not you more so but I think you got ripped off. That's a classic 8mm straight shooter. No percs, no A/C.

    You could have EASILY gotten a similar style bong of GC Shop for 80$. In fact, they actually sell a china made glass on glass bong similar to yours but it has 2 percs one is a 6 armed tree perc.
  6. My friend has almost the same exact bong with the same ice catcher and everything and he got it for 50 i think.

    But i use it a lot and it hits very nice.

    You'll definitely like it.
  7. Nice bong, but I would not pay $140 for it.
  8. thanks for feedback
  9. Hey man it was your first bong at least you got glass on glass joint....it also has ice notches to cool the smoke...

    It will take your smoking experience to a new level once you buy your first bong

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