i bought me a motorcycle today fukin ---a

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. it's a 1986,,, honda nighthawk,,,, not bad,,,, you blades know me as chicken,,,,, my trucking friends call me chickenhawk,,,,

    so chickenhawk,,,, riding a nighthawk,,,,, nice ring to it,,, it's a 700cc

    and in mint condition,,,, i'll post a pic. of it later,,,, i been out blazin the roads since i got it,,,,, it's got balls no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im going to cruise to the spring on it tomorrow and check out some puss.....
  2. i usta ride an 86 650. nice bikes. have fun. high speed poultry!!!
  3. man this bike is so mint,,,,,,,,,, it's like its new,,,,,, nice rumble to it also....

    i was in town today on it i was doing 60 in a 45 zone,,,,,, i cant afford no tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got a class'' a ''c.d.l. tickets aint cool....
  4. this is sort of what it looks like,,,,, it has a corbin seat on it,,,,aftermarket,,,,

    ill try to get a pic. of it,,,,,,,,,, after my comp... friend comes over and dowloads my camera disc to my comp..... i got ate up with viruses a while back,,,,,, and aint put my camera '' hardware;;/??? in my comp, yet....so no personal pics, right now.....

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  5. it looks just like that,,,,, but its red,,,white,,,,,,,,,,,and blue in colour,,,,, with no backrest,,,,, and the seat is a double hump,,,,, i sit low,,, and the passenger sits a little higher,,,,,,, i really like this bike,,,,,,,,,
  6. Chicken hawk......lol So you ride a peterbuilt 379 flamed out with lights galore....Come-awwnnnn - break 1 9 driva take it to the 22 to talk to peaches at the TA lot...
  7. i dont know about that? them lot-lizards,,,,,,,, are out to get my money>>>>>>>>>
  8. Thats a nice bike dude, I like it. It's sweeeet
  9. Hey man, Nice bike. I pick my 'Busa up from the shop today. Had a hornet-style back end and lights put on it. So shiney.

    Enjoy your bike bro. Its a beautiful day in jersey. Very thin coulds, just a couple. 80 degrees, and with a nice breeze too. Possibly the best day Of summer yet!

    I pick my bike up in an hour or so.
  10. well i know it'll do 95 mph,,,,,,,, with no problem...

    i was on a straight highway headed to the springs,,,, when this crotch-rocket blew around me,,,, i was only doing 60,,,, i thought w.t.f. lets see what this baby will do... i got up to 95,, caught him and rode a little with him,,,

    he turned the same way i was going,,,, we hit a stop sign and this joker shot off like a bullet,,,, come to find out he was headed to the springs also....

    i thanked him for giving me a chance to see what it would do since i'd just got it, wasnt no puss there to look at so i left,,,,

    and got caught in some rain on the return trip... shit was stinging the ol lips...'' ouch''!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hey chicken nice bike, enjoy and becareful out there buddy.
  12. oh the bike in the pic... aint my bike,,, just some pic. i got off e-bay,,

    thanks to my-fax,,,,,, i got my camera hardware in my comp. now,,,

    i'll post a pic . of my bike tomorrow,,,,,,,,
  13. i can't wait to see the bike :)
  14. Biking is something sick once you get into it. You should fix that baby up, sell it, and invest a couple K in a Harley. Have fun and watch out for all the other assholes on the road. Which springs were you headed to?

    Also chicken, have you ever seen the movie "Office Space" (one of my favorites)? If you have, you remind me of Peters neighbor, Lawrence. :p
  15. lawerance huh? never seen the flick!!!! my future bike is going to be a harley,,,,,, a bobber/chopper..... im going to take some pics, of ''MY'' bike tomorrow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i hope lawerance aint a bad fellow or a geek,,,,

    because im neither one of those,,,,,,,,,:smoking:
  16. Nah. Lawrence is a beer-drinkin', titty-lovin' (aren't we all?) redneck. Just check the flick out and you'll see what I mean. Check out the Harley Sportsters with the bigger engines (1200cc, not 883cc). Those are affordable, and sick ass bikes.
  17. heres a picture of my sick-ass bike,,, and my jungle of a walkway,,, you enter a jungle before you get to my front door,,,

    the cat hides in thier and pounces on strangers,,,, my a.k.c. trained attack kitty

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