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I bought a new Bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stytchiz, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. What do you all think? I call it Bosh as in BOSH, JOBS DONE! I paid £46 for it and think i got a good deal. Its solid glass and weighs a ton.

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  2. come on guys lets get some opinions
  3. jeez i just realised ive been a member of this forum for nearly 5 years and ive only posted 100+ times

  4. Sometimes you have to give us more than a 10 minute window to respond. As for the bong, I like the colors and design on it. Is it glass on glass? How does it hit? Nice bong.
  5. nice, keep it clean mate.
  6. It is indeed glass on glass. The hits are like being hit with a train in a head on collision. It certainly makes you respect the power of the well made glass bong. Also these pics were taken before use. The bowl has actually changed colour to a deep red and blue now.
  7. lol if you think thats glass on glass, i want some of what your smoking.
  8. damn thats sexy. have fun with that.
  9. Nice bong, man.

    My bong is cracking and it's shitty. It was a nice bong at first, but it leaks all over you when you smoke out of it now. :(

  10. Oh then what is it oh Bong Know It All
  11. I'm not gonna be a dick about it like the last guy.

    The style your bong is like... commercial, and are virtually never gongs (iv never seen one, but im no know it all). Lemme just ask you; is there any rubber used AT ALL? IF so, then its not glass on glass, otherwise... that sir, is a gong.

    I'm not really into the dolphin, but if your into that then its pretty cool. :wave:
  12. there is absolutely zero rubber used in this bong apart from a little gromit on the bottom of my bowl to maintain an airtight sea. Either way im well pleased with it.
  13. Then it's not glass on glass buddy ;)
  14. you payed essentially $80+ USD right?
    well whatever, as long as you're happy with it.

  15. yeh i really dont like it that much and prob would of gottten something else for the money
  16. guys 46 pounds is like 46 USD's

    you get higher salaries there...
  17. 46 GBP is not 46 USD. Its more like 90-100 USD.
  18. Im sorry but I hate your Bong. EVERYONE has one of those, Fully colored with the springs going up it. You cant see the hit your taking and it doesnt even look like glass. Waist of money in my opinion.
  19. yea, Glass on Glass uses absolutely no rubber to maintain an airtight seal. I have one w/ a rubber grommet too, so don't worry... personally I like the cheap bowls... they're only like $10 and you don't have to worry about covering up a beautiful design with resin :p

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