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I bought a bong , is there a piece missing?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Plymouth, May 27, 2012.

  1. ok so i have never owned a bong and i just bought one from a head shop.

    I got it out to look out and realised it doesnt have a stem or a downstem im not sure what there called.

    So basically there is no tube to go into the water?

    What do i need , what should i do :S
  2. Need pics man. Is it glass on glass or does it have a black rubber gromment?
  3. [​IMG]

    this isnt it but its got the same part missing
  4. Yah, youre missing the downstem. Bring it back lol
  5. Should it of come with one , or do some not?

  6. [quote name='"Plymouth"']Should it of come with one , or do some not?


    It should have, you need it to properly use it. It wouldnt be a bong without a type of stem.
  7. eurgh so annoyed! Is there any i could buy online?
  8. measere the size of the hole, and just type that into google and bobs your uncle. you could probably buy one straight of GC
  9. [quote name='"Plymouth"']eurgh so annoyed! Is there any i could buy online?[/quote]

    You should really go back. But yah, this forum also has a store, you can find a downstem there
  10. omg im so fucking dumb, it was in the bubblewrap packaging , i didnt see it because it was see through :/ Thanks man ahahh!
  11. all the headshops i've been to you can't return pieces LOL

    but maybe thats just NY and NC
  12. Hahahhahaha. :laughing:
  13. It has liike some gauges with it what do i do with them?

  14. According to the law, "no refunds" is illegal. If you want to you can always return an unused item.o
  15. [quote name='"Plymouth"']It has liike some gauges with it what do i do with them?[/quote]

    Gauges? Describe more lol
  16. what do i do with the gaugeS?
  17. I don't know what a gauge is lol
  18. i think there called screenS IN AMerica?
  19. Oh lol. You just put it in thr bottom of the bowl piece so weed doesn't pull through.
  20. thanks man

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