I blew my pot out of its joint

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  1. It was quiet tonight. It had rained earlier; everything was still damp. There were no insects though--it was below 50 outside. I was in my backyard enjoying my first smoke of the night--a 1.2g preroll of Gorilla Glue #4: gorilla.jpg
    And that is 1.2g of marijuana, not including the wrapper & spacer.
    It's pretty dark out--I didn't have any lights on because I like to look at the stars while I smoke at night.

    So I smoke on it for a while. See where the crease is in it? About a quarter of the way from that back towards the big end of the joint is where it was (about).
    I got pretty high by then, and spaced out for a sec :smiley-rolling-joint:
    When I looked back to the joint, it had gone out.
    Fine, I thought, I'll save the rest for later. I'm good for now.

    So I went to blow the smoke out of it (so that it wouldn't taste nasty later), and the whole plug of pot goes flying off with a small "pop" sound.
    At first I was just standing there like "what the fuck...?"
    Then I grabbed my lighter and started searching. Took a little while, but I found the plug whole and unharmed (slightly damp, but not too bad). I carefully picked it up and put it into the plastic tube.

    So... It'll be for my bong later :RoorRip:
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  2. Its a preroll bro, from a dispensary.
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  3. That sucks man at least you salvaged the bud :smoking-bong:
  4. Title made me laugh. I normally hit it after it goes out but don't inhale, rather than blowing it. But I normally don't save shorts or roaches cuz they're nasty.

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  5. Hahahahahahahahaha
  6. That was my reaction looking back on it :lmafoe:
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    I did not see that
  8. Maybe you shouldn't post on 'pointless threads' then without even reading them. It was funny man, worth it if you ask me
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  9. Now I'll have to read it thank you
  10. Usually if you read the OP before you respond you won't appear to lack reading comprehension.
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