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I blacked out!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PuFFPuFFPaSS420, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. omg i just fucking blacked out, I was smoking this huge bong, so after i hit it in one i fucking held it in as long as possible, but after i already started to feal weird from holdin it in that long I fuckin had to blow it into a Blowee and next thing i know i wake up on the ground with I SWEAR TO GOD this going threw my head "ima make the shampagnes bottles pop" n shit. and i gut major fucking rug burn on my right side back for some fucking reason and I think i feal a bump on the right side of my head.......maybe i got a cuncussion or trippin.....
  2. that happened to my friend rich all the itme.... he has a scar from it...taking a huge bong hit, falling off his chair and getting crazzy rug burn on his forehead...
    i think it coiuld just be oxygen deprevation...
  3. That's what I'm thinking.. lack of oxygen.
  4. lol thats weird, i have never passed out from holding it, i get bad pains n such but no passing out
  5. Yeah, it's the lack of oxygen. I'm studying to be a doctor at Univ. of Iowa and one chapter of my health class this year was about drug use. It said that the most common emergency room visits from marijuana users was falling unconsius and hitting their head from lack of O2.
  6. Well im about to smoke out of a bong and im going to try this but i want a few pointers and such

    #1 how long did you guys pass out?
    #2 does it hurt right before you pass out? like choke or any thing
    #3how big of a hit do you have to take.
  7. For me when I had past out I had just blown out the smoke after holding it in for a long time and I felt kinda dizzy and went to get up and i went blank. Then when I regained my concisnes i had smashed my head and the table. I had a big fuckin bruse on my head and my cusin came back into the room say some thing about me going to go get some money to give him so I could get a thirty bag. when I went to get up I just fell right down. I didn't know what o do so we kept on smoking. We only had a pipe full left anyway.
  9. I was at kebab shop getting my usal chicken wrap with my breddens then suddly i got a head rush but my hole eyesight whent blacked out but it returned with in 4 seconds so i thought i'd walk outside while i wait for the food. I then sat down and got another one stood up started feeling like i was going to be ill sat back down didint feel ill but my eyes blacked out again and so on kept on happening so i looked like i was doing arobics or some shit. my breddren walked out the shop with my food and drink i drank my drink then i suddenly felt .. erm.... fine ... fucked up ay :(

    oh yea and they planted 3 chillies in my chicken wrap lol :)
  10. I think I've only blacked out once from smoking weed. If I remember correctly, my friends and had been smoking out of a bong this one afternoon. We did a load or two (maybe three) and we were pretty toasty. Then these two guys come over and start talking about gravity bongs. My one friend and I had never used one, so the two guys said we HAD to make one and try it, heh. So, I take a massive gravity bong hit and cough my brians out. I remember curling up in a blanket on the couch, closing my eyes and getting the swirlies. I kept having to open my eyes everytime the swirlies got to intense--then'd it'd go be like, "bam!" Everyone said it was lame that I was curling up and going to sleep (I was just trippin' balls man!) I think I passed out, because all of a sudden I came to and they were about to go leave to go somwhere for food. Heh, it was really odd.
  11. Hey alphaomega.. that sounds like diabetes man. The losing your vision like that.

  12. Man that happens to me even when I'm not high. I won't see, it's all black and then it comes back slow with 5 seconds I can see again. Thats so fucked up. You feel like your going to puke.
  13. Head rushes arent the same as blacking out but it can be intense. With strong ones I can't see shit for 10 to 15 seconds and can barely stand. It's really intense while tokered.

    And I had a friend pass out once while some of us were toking. Our other friend's mom decided it was prolly because of dehydration because he had been outside in the heat doing yard work all day with almost nothing to drink. How much did you have to drink before you blacked out?
  14. You can look up what i said about passing out in
    SO HIGH YOU PUKED look in search

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