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i bid thee, farewell...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Jun 30, 2002.

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  1. well, like most things, my years of smoking have come to an end. i\'ve been straight for almost 2 weeks now... and it\'s going to stay that way. i\'ve grown a lot spiritually (i\'m a Christian), and realized a lot of the things i was doing were pulling me away from God (like smoking weed for example). in the Bible it says not to defile the temple of the Holy Spirit (your body), and smoking weed does just that (by wreaking havock on your lungs). plus it was destroying a lot of my friendships, and that\'s no good, lol. anywayz, my time here was great. i enjoyed reading people\'s posts, and having people respond to mine... lots of really nice people here.

    if any of you still wanna talk to me my e-mail is:

    feel free to e-mail me any time :)
  2. I hate to see ya go but i understand where you are coming from. To each his own in life and you have made a well thought out decision. I hope all goes well with you in the future.

    Good luck friend!
  3. See ya later man! Hope you enjoy the next stage of your life,we all understand and just as Budhead said \"To each his own in life and you have made a well thought out decision\"

    Good karma to you on your quest. later~
  4. It\'s your life, live as you think you should.

    Ya can still stop by and say hey ya know. The city is a pretty open and caring place.

    Peace to you.
  5. later dude, good luck w/ your new life.
  6. Go within and discover what you are not. Nothing else matters.

    Not even this place ;-)


  7. superjoint said it best...
    go with what you beleive in inside, nothing else matters... do what YOU need to do... but try to be nice to us stoners along the way! :)
  8. \"What Does the Bible Say?

    Finding the encoded references to cannabis and other drugs is made more difficult by the lack of botanical names, discrepancy in translations, use of different \"books\" by different denominations, commentaries added to original texts, and periodic priestly purges of material considered inappropriate.

    However, we find that the use of cannabis is never forbidden or even discouraged in the Bible. Some passages directly refer to the goodness of using herbs like cannabis - and even go on to predict prohibition.

    \"And the Earth brought forth grass and herb-yielding seed after its kind and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed after its kind and: and God saw that it was good.\" Genesis: Chapter 1: Verse 12 (King James Version of the Bible, unless noted).

    \"God makes the Earth yield healing herbs, which the prudent man should not neglect.\" Sirach: 38:4 (Catholic Bible).

    \"Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; That which cometh out of the mouth defileth a man.\" Jesus quoted: Matt. 15:11.

    \"In later times, some shall . . . speak lies in hypocrisy . . . commanding to abstain from that which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and now the truth.\" Paul: 1 Tim. 4:1\" - the emperor wears no clothes
  9. i commend your research cradleofganja ive always liked it when the bible gets used accordingly
  10. And if you ever return.....we will be well.

  11. Ugh.

    I think only that word can truly convey my gut wrenching nausea when I think about the poison that is Christianity contaminating so many people\'s free will.

    Again, UGH.
  12. If the reason you are quitting is because you are taking the bible literally and don\'t want to harm your lungs then why dont you just eat cannibus or use a vaporizer. I think you might be going a little overboard... do you think people who smoke cigarettes are committing deadly sins? and yet cigarettes are much more harmful to your lungs than weed, but whatever dude, \"it\'s your life live it however you wanna, marijuana is everywhere, where was you brought up\"
  13. it seems i\'ve gotten some pretty interesting responses to my post. well, the reason i\'m not going to remain active in the forum is because there\'s just too much temptation. also... those quotes from the Bible that cradleofganja used are taken out of context. and when it talks about stuff coming out of the mouth of man that defiles a man it\'s referring to speach... that\'s not to say that speach is the only thing that defiles a person. and also, the KJV is the only correct version of the Bible (it\'s the only one translated word for word from the ancient texts... the others are interpretations)...

    and also, about another post regarding cigarette (sp?) smoke... weed contains more tars than cigarettes which has been proven... it hasn\'t been proven to be worse for your lungs, but they do know it contains cancer causing chemicals (similar to the ones found in tobacco). i have noticed smoking pot has greatly reduced my lung capacty and cardiovascular health. i used to beable to run a mile and a half in 9 minutes... now i\'d be lucky to beable to even run a half mile... so yeah... i\'m not condemning anyone who chooses to smoke pot. like so many have said \"to each his own\"

    i have one more quick thing to say. Christianity isn\'t a poison. i find it interesting how a book can be written by around 40 people (give or take), over a span of roughly 4,000 years... and not once contradict itself. if the book were man inspired there\'d be errors and contradictions all over the place... but there\'s not. so that can only mean it\'s the word of God (and by the way. if there were ever a legitimate contradiction found it\'d be all over the news because that would mean the worlds most popular religion is false).

    i will check in from time to time to say hi and see what\'s going on... but i\'m not going to be as active as i have been.

    peace to all :)
  14. Im gonna go talk to my rev. lyle about weed and see what he says, ill tell all of you.
  15. Good luck to you , IGotTheCottons.

    I want to say that and let that be it but I can\'t. You can\'t say that the King James Version is the only correct version of the Bible. There is no way for you to truly know that. You can\'t really say that something is taken out of context because the Bible has been translated. Translations lose and pick up things along the way. There are portions of the Bible that are missing. They were taken out selectively over time. That\'s been proven. Supposedly, there are writings of Jesus that are hidden away in a vault at the Vatican. Jesus may have contradicted everything in the Bible but because of the turmoil it would have caused the Christian world the \"powers that were\" could have locked them away. They would never plaster any proof of falseness on the news because chaos would immediately occur all across the world in some way or another. My point is that you can\'t know for sure.

    Yes, I believe that my body is my temple. It\'s my existence. It\'s what I am here on this Earth. However, the body is polluted by more than smoke. Caffiene, additives and preservatives, sugars, medications, etc... go into your temple and wreak havoc.

    Your beliefs are yours,though, and if you are happy then that is what matters.

  16. see... if you actually READ the Bible and NOT take things out of context you\'ll see that all those \"contradictions\" are NOT legit. every single one of them can be explained and disproven... hence the reason no one has yet to find a single legit. contradiction. trust me... if those \"contradictions\" were legit. it\'d be VERY widely publicised (sp?) because like i said before... it\'d disprove the most popular religion in the world.
  17. Mt.28:16
    \"Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them. And when they saw him, they worshipped him.\"
    \"Afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen.\"
    1 Cor.15:5
    \"And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve.\"

    how is that not legit
  18. Ya, there comes a point in many poeples lifes where they find that smoking pot is only a downfall. Not for some of us though. Pot is still the golden goddess.

  19. you see... this is why i said if you actually READ THE BIBLE... and NOT TAKE IT OUT OF CONTEXT...

    here\'s the disproof of your \"contradiction\"... you forgot the book of acts... in acts there was an apostle called to replace judas iscariot making ::drum roll please:: a full 12 (in acts). in 1 corintians there were 13 apostles (paul being included)... hence \"then of the twelve.\" see... 1 corintians was written AFTER acts... so you see, by the time paul wrote it there were again 12 apostles (not including paul) who had seen the resurrected jesus... just because it says \"then of the twelve\" doesn\'t mean they all saw him at once.

    and about the comment made about the KJV not being the only word for word translation... it\'s a proven fact... infact, the other versions of the Bible even state that the KJV is the ONLY version translated WORD FOR WORD from the ancient texts. and as for taking it out of context... if it\'s translated word for word it still has the same meaning as the ancient texts... you don\'t loose anything... i\'m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone else... i\'m just stating proven fact.

    it has yet to be proven that the Bible contains any legitimate contradictions... so until that happens it\'s a fact that it doesn\'t contradict (athiests have spent their entire lives trying to find \'em and have come up unsuccessful)... the KJV is the only WORD FOR WORD translation of the old texts... this has also been proven...

    so yeah... try again if ya like... but you\'re not gonna have much luck :)
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