I bet that, when bored, female celebrities...

Discussion in 'General' started by scary bubble jr, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. ... think about the estimate of how many olympic sized swimming pools would be filled with peoples cum from the countless millions of times people jerked off to them, and what it would be like to swim in all of it.
  2. That was a very scary thought.

    Thankyou, for scarring me till I die.

  3. What the hell did you just say? Am I that baked?
  4. You lost me at swim in all of it.
  5. :laughing: That's some funny shit! The things we can think of when stoned never fails to amaze me!:smoke:

    EDIT: You thought of this while masturbating, didn't you?
  6. I dont know about them but i think about this daily..
  7. This doesn't apply to just celebrities.

    Think of that beautiful goddess that has passed by you .. and of course your mind goes into fucking her all sorts of ways.

    Just imagine her mind thinking "100% of these guys are eye fucking me right now"
  8. Think of how many people dont give a fuck.
  9. hahahah. Damn someone give this cat the fucking nobel prize for randomness
  10. when they're bored they go on 4chan and pretend to be 14 yr old boys ;)

    or they just play COD :confused:
  11. :hide:
  12. Megan Fox has to have a stadium full

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