I bet Osamas death just guaranteed Obama his second term

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ska, May 2, 2011.

  1. Assuming of course our vote is how presidents are elected, this probably just won the puppet a second term. Not because he fixed anything, but because he brought down a public enemy and he does work!
  2. Nah America's too racist. :rolleyes:
  3. id say if he found osama then he deserves a second term. it was way better than what bush was able to do in two terms. with bush we were just going to war with different countries left and right...

    besides now theres people in love with obama simply because of the bin laden thing...i cant say they should re-elect him STRICTLY because he help bring down bin laden but im sure many people will vote just over that fact.

    either way i think he's done a lot more than i expected him to do when he first took office...brought down this enemy...brought healthcare to the masses. i think its safe to say obama will be remembered as a historic president...with the whole "first black president" thing and bringing down bin laden, etc.

    the man deserves credit.

  4. we elected him the first time lol

    Also If we re-elected bush for god knows what reason im sure we will re-elect obama cause he got osama. I hope he legalizes weed now that he got some important shit taken care of
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    We re-elected Bush because of the 9/11 attack.
  6. I don't think a black president will be legalizing weed, considering the stigma and propaganda used to be that it was/is a 'black drug'.

  7. and you see where that got us...a war in iraq because they were really responsible for this whole thing right? remember? those "weapons of mass destruction" that were NEVER found...so then it goes from that to helping the people of iraq get their freedom back (all while osama is running loose making videos in caves...) im like, "wtf is going on with the osama thing"...its like bush tried to sweep it under the rug.

    obama comes in...starts pulling troops and going after bin laden again (as was the original goal on 9/11)...

    id vote for obama over bush anyday.
  8. I'm not so sure. This is all just fluff. If people don't get back to work and the economy doesn't turn around, he's going to have a hard time. I think I'm fairly typical and those are the only two things that matter to me right now. Of course I care about the issues but to be painfully honest, right now I don't give a damn about abortion, legalization, gay rights, war and peace, healthcare, illegal immigrants, or anything else. People have to work, put food on the table, and have a place to live above all else. Everything else comes second.
  9. I definitely agree it's all fluff, but I just don't know if most American's regard it as that.
  10. You can't just "fix" the economy.

    Honestly the people who are truly responsible for recession never really owned up, the working class who took out a bunch of dumb loans. Now they bitch because the government can't fix their mistakes.

    smh @ Americans
  11. Good, I hope it does cement another 4 years for our commander in chief
  12. That makes him look like such a bad ass, not gonna lie.
  13. Yep I agree although I think the blame goes further. I'm just commenting on the idea that killing Bin Ladin will lead to re-election. I think people will forget about this real quick and get back to their pity parties.

  14. Then how did he get elected:confused:
  15. :rolleyes: = /sarcasm

  16. Gotcha. And that was of my first thoughts when my mom texted me telling me last night. It's awfully convenient. I haven't even heard his name in like 2/3 yes.
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    I think Bush deserves more credit than Obama for the capture. The Bush administration use interrogation tactics in gitmo bay to get information from the terrorists in 2003, including one of the most controversial-waterboarding. In 2007 they started getting info about the whereabouts of Bin Laden. So Bush used gitmo bay to gather details about his whereabouts, whereas Obama wanted to shut down Gitmo all together.

    I'm not saying that Obama doesn't deserve credit, he def helped capture him, but I think the Bush administration deserves a ton of credit that is overlooked just because he is not in office anymore.

    I sure hope that Obama is not re-elected just cus of the capture, but he prob will because people will give him too much credit.
  18. If bin laden's bitch sings, or the data retrieved from the mansion in Pakistan is useful to U.S. intelligence, Obama may soon have more targets in his sights - which could keep up the momentum of his current roll and secure his win.
  19. Obama's definitely getting elected b/c of a murder. He pleased the masses and the masses will reward him w/ a second term.

    I don't understand the celebration.This really doesn't solve any of our problems. Al Quaeda will continue to kill innocent citizens, and the Middle East still hates us.

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