I bet I could get weed from that guy.

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  1. The other day I was with my friend and his girlfriend at her little brothers football game, and we backed my car up to the field so we could sit in the back (it's a wagon). So we're chilling and this Guy pulls up to us and I'm like "yo, I guarantee I could get some weed from that Guy." They're not stoners so we just laughed and continued watching the game.

    So then the next day I'm with my boy and this chick and we were waiting for this Guy so we could pick up some weed, but he was being a dickhead so my friend said we'll just got to this Guy on his street that he calls uncle Gus, and we go to uncle gus' house, and guess who he is? The dude I saw the day before at the football game, I didn't realize at first, but he recognized me. It was a crazy coincidence, I was like freaking out. Just thought it was a cool story and wanted to share, haha.

  2. it was a cool story, bro.
  3. Cool story bro .
  4. haha, small world man
  5. I bet I could get weed from that guy.

    Yo, homie!



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  6. LOL uncle gus...
  7. Does uncle Gus hook it up fatty style?
  8. Cool story bro, now was the weed dank? :D
  9. Uncle gus? do you live in compton by any chance?
  10. Uncles Gus prefers quantity over quality, I've seen worse but it wasn't the best.
  11. Cool story indeed.
  12. Interesting story my fine companion!

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