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I bet everyone here knows at least one person that..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bluntz4dayz, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Claims they can "pearl the best blunt, or sometimes joint, I have ever seen in my entire smoking days....only thing is the god damn blunt turns out like a clarinet where you have to cover holes in the blunts in order for the smoke to travel all the way through the damn thing, or it will just come out just mediocre.
    Not saying I roll the best "even they may be top 5 lol" but don't go around trying to be the king of rolling ya know/

  2. Oh yeah I know plenty of people like that, I can't roll a j or a blunt to save my life. So I don't offer to. I hate the people that do the old 1-2 fold over and call it a joint. Seriously, fuck off, you're wasting my bud
  3. My best friend growing up was like that. Self proclaimed blunt king/doctor/whatever, and would pitch fits if he didnt get to roll it cuz "it wont burn right" lol. I do roll some nice L/Js but i dont say im the king... just that i can roll np. And mine were always better than his.
  4. See, I fucking suck at rolling. And I'm straight up about it.
    "I'll roll our joint, just don't fucking complain about it"
  5. I really am the best roller in the world ... Lol jk but I do take my shit seriously.

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  6. I'm pretty good at rolling but you see some of these videos on the net of a big fat joint with an oz in it and think 'how the fuck?'
  7. ...says the guy whose name is bluntz4dayz

    lol jk, i get a good laugh always of the youtube tutorial videos of people rolling joints or blunts
  8. I actually take pride in rolling joints and using no filter, no fkn around for me 
  9. I use a roller for both joints and blunts. Perfectly evened out, and even and smooth burn.

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  10. lol ends up like a clarinet. but anyway, my friends dont do that shit. if someone says they are great at rolling, they are. though the best rolls come from the people that dont go around claiming theyre the best. 
  11. Look at this joint my friend rolled me for the day I'm done drug testing compared to regular king size. Also the giant joint is In a factory sealed bag that's what the thing is that it's in, in the first pic.
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391755197.263267.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391755213.962784.jpg

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  12. I've rolled a few perfect cones before but I don't even roll any more. I carved my own wooden pipe and I use it as my main tool.
  13. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391798235.889301.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391798328.938787.jpg you could say I roll them perfectos

  14. I use a roller, but my old grower buddy could roll a joint in like 5 seconds flat no joke... he'd grind up the bud Then sprinkle it on the folded paper and with just his index fingers and thumbs roll it into a fat j as pretty as you please faster than you could actually see it happening... He explained after I begged him to tell me how that it was all in the finger placement,accuracy and speed. He tried teaching me but I could never get the same speed and without it,it really showed that it was the speed that made it possible to roll it like that

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  15. Well in my case when I ask to roll a blunt it's bc I'm actually good at rolling blunts. I'm not a king I just know how to roll. If someone said no I can't roll the blunt I wouldn't have a fit, but I wouldn't throw any down either. At least until after I see it.

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  16. I can roll a mediocre joint and blunt.  Sometimes I can roll a pearl sometimes its just an average good blunt.
  17. I used to know people like this when i was a teen. Personally my joints look like this....
    I smoke bowl's most of the time because my joint rolling skills or lack there of is complete shit lol. 
  18. I literally watched YouTube videos on how to roll for days, until I found out that there are easier rolling methods. I can roll pretty good joints and blunts. Not super great ones, but I can do cones and tulips and shit which is fun
  19. The worst is when "that guy" breaks the wrap and has to use another wrap just for that one doobie
  20. Of course..

    ..but I'll never complain when passed a Dutchie.


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