I Believe Theres A Lot Of Bull-Phuck About Glass.

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  1. Some people say, "oh this piece will get you so high,' or "This bong gives me this type of high," etc.
    I think a lot of it is bull-phuck to be blunt.  I understand that you can get huge, and good-tasting hits with
    bongs made out of thick glass yadayadayada, but I truly think people exaggerate how different pieces
    give you a different high.
    For example, I know this guy who has five oil rigs.  He rotates between them, but they all pretty much look the same.  I don't get it.

  2. they're morons speaking delusion
    you can certainly get higher (faster) but it won't produce a different high. that depends on your bud, not your method of smoking
  3. My bong gives me a different high than a blunt, I suppose I could feel a different high from a different bong.. 
    You're also inhaling tobacco smoke. 
  5. right. and a bowl/joint would give me a different buzz as well. ta-da 
    Again, joints require you to inhale burned paper.  As for bowls versus bongs, you're still going to get an overall high equal high, assuming you're using the same amount of weed.  The hit may feel different or smoother, etc., but the overall all effects seem to be overrated in general.
  7. water filtration homies 
  8. water filtration makes a difference in your highs if you are using it or not. 
  9. I feel a different high from different methods, not overrating a thing.
  10. I've never felt a difference. After this baby is born and a couple months of breastfeeding, I shall tell the difference.
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    eat alot of herbal brownies. like ALOT. and maybe you could make high milk. if you smoke it, your milk will taste like smoke. yea. thats how i wanna get high... forget smokin, suck on a tit for a while and get high! the most ballin shit ever.
  12. It doesn't work like that but if it did, I bet there would be tons of women in the breast milk weed game.
  13. it's kinda like how you get a different high from snorting coke as you do from smoking crack. both are essentially the same drug, but it's a different delivery method so it completely changes the high. it works the same way with weed.
    if you slowly intake the THC over a period of time vs if you take all the thc all at once, it will hit you differently and it will effect you differently.
    so is there a noticeable difference between this bong and that bong, likely not much, but is there a difference between a little one hitter, or a joint, where you take a bunch of small hits over time vs a big ass bong where you can rip a gram in one hit.
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    It also depends on the temp it's burned at and how fast because you get diffferent CBN's from different pieces. So in reality yes it can give you a different high.
  15. I've had people say their bongs would get you stoned. But just because they are big and force you to take huuuge rips. No harm no foul. 
  16. You know what gets me higher than shit? When I Roll a joint, than stuff that joint inside a blunt that's a different strain. After I got that done I stick the bloint (blunt-joint) into my bog making sure it's sticking into the stem a little so it's locked in. Take some huge rips off that shit, while hotboxing in a very small space and covering my face with a hat or something before exhaling.
    (note to self I actually gotta try this sometime)
  17. So when do we get to the part where we phuck some bulls?

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