I Believe In Love and Weed

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  1. Hi All,
    I am KharmaDee and what can I say. I have a ninja degree in being fucking awesome and I spend a lot of my time around weed and cameras. Other than extreme loneliness I suffer from a grass mentality. Are you okay with that?
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  2. Your body, your choice.
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  3. "Ninja degree in being awsome" #classic!!
  4. It a pretty prestigious degree. Only 1 half of 1% of people can receive it
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  5. I bet "she" is a guy. [​IMG]
  6. Such a charmer :tacos::tacos::tacos::tacos:
  7. Please explain why being lonley and suffering from a grass mentality is fucking awesome.
  8. Where u from
  9. Having a degree n being fucking awesome and being fucking awesome are two entirely different animals. From provo Utah. Raised Mormon, rebelled and now I am on my own
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  10. Me too, well minus the Utah part! Still figuring out how to use this site
  11. Los Angeles, California.
  12. What's Mormon??? Same as Amish or similar to that??? RUMSPRINGA!!!!!:metal::metal::metal:
  13. Ha, interesting.

    I'm probably two generations older than you and I grew up similarly, although I'm not "awesome." The religion of my parents was not Mormon, but it was similar (even more strict than Mormon) and I rebelled as quickly and completely as I could.

    Although my parents are long dead, after I got older I realized why they did what they did -- they only wanted the best for me and my sisters as they saw it. After seeing how some other people grew up (broken families, fathers drunk, beating and arguing all the time with the wife, infidelity, etc.) I realized how lucky I was. We had NONE of that in our family.

    After my father died (in 2000) did I finally realize what a great father and husband he was to my mother. He was the most selfless, fairest, and kindest person I've ever known.

    "Too soon old, and too late smart." :(
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  14. Sorry to hear that bruh.... May they rest in piece tho...:GettingStoned: 1 in the air for your peoples
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  15. Sorry to hear that. My condolences!!! Just lost my Father 11 months ago from Pancreatic Cancer which bums me out to no extent! My parents were good people as well. Married until the end. Just don't really jive with religion in the organized sense of the word
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  16. Same here.
  17. well back to love and weed...

    I have a, still in the package, rear-view mirror, card board air refresher from sometime in the 70s that says "I LOVE GRASS AND ASS"
  18. Dug it out...
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  19. Hot damn that is some vintage shit. Bet you could get a bundle for that pretty little air freshner
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