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  1. This little lady is on day 6 of 12/12 light I think these are buds starting to grow. Will someone let me know if they are indeed buds? I'm going to start Co2 on Monday and every monday after that. Thanks for the helpful suggestions i've received from some of the members, I do appreciate it, skrewloose.

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  2. Those are buds, goodjob now sit back and watch them get big
    see the growth of nugs
  3. Thanks for the reply. I feel better now.
  4. very nice... what kind of strain you growing? what kind of co2 method you going with? I run my co2 all during the day and then it shuts off when the lights are out. Using co2 during the photosynthesis phase is the key. They love the stuff and during the hot hours of the days it just make them even more happy (plantes consume more co2 when it is about 78-82 degrees) any hotter is just a waste of co2.

  5. This is my first grow so I decided on skunk #1. I've heard it was easier to grow. My Co2 method is going to be with dry ice. I made a hanging delivery system off my lights as to fall on the leaves. (see I do read and learn). I am going to use it first 6 hours of 12 hour light. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Thats funny because im doing the same strain. Skunk #1 and Afghani x Skunk. They are wonderful and very easy to grow. They love the metal halide and then switching over to hps about a 1-2 months they are just resinated.

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