I been waiting 2 days for my weed.

Discussion in 'General' started by Tor, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. I been waiting 2 days for my weed.

    anyone else been waiting hella for weed?
  2. Waiting because it's drying or is your weed man a tortoise?
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  3. my weed man is a tortoise.
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  4. I've got to wait three months !!
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  5. Aren’t you the kid who’s dad is gonna call the cops on him?
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  6. You're correct !!
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  7. You cant clown me, you got clowned yesterday fam sn.
  8. Maybe his dad finally smoked with him and realized how great weed is
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  9. Clowned? What?
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  10. Fuck yeah hahah
  11. Grow your own.
  12. lol you have to be patient to grow your own Astro :passing-joint:
  13. I know your pain OP, sometimes it’s fire when you finally get it.
  14. Who says so the government lol shhhhhhh
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  15. What, from a dealer?
  16. I wanna see pictures of this tree you've been waiting for when you get it
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  17. I think it’s a “to bed early” type of night for this onion router.
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