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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Cky26K, May 13, 2004.

  1. many of you might not believe in any shape or form of heaven, or whatever, but even if u dont keep reading. My mom died thursday, October 16, 2003. She died from lung cancer from smoking cigs (i don't even touch them). I was just thinking that she is looking down on me getting stoned all the time now. i dunno where this thought came from... just popped into my head (im stoned right now)... newayz.... what should i do. stop gettin stoned or what?
  2. first of all you have to ask yourself, does smoking weed and being high make you happy? and then ask yourself if your mother would have wanted you to do things that make you happy. sure, she died from lung cancer and because of smoking cigs, but you do not smoke cigerettes. of course, smoking anything, be it weed, any other herb, or anything does increase the risk of cancer, but it does not contain any of the cancer causing ingredients that cigs do. as long as your not smoking a rediculious ammount per day, you do not have much to worry about for your later years. also smoking out of a water pipe or vaporizer highly reduces the wear and tear on your lungs and throat. if weed makes you happy than i think your mother would be happy to know that you are doing ok and better yet, a happy and joyful person.
  3. I think i'd go seriously mad if my mother or daugher passed.
    Keep your head up and
    Do what makes you happy!!!
  4. right now... ganja is playin a good role in my life... :)
  5. i think you should listen to that bigfoot up a coupla posts...
    or cook and eliminate ihaling alltogeter :)

  6. I am so sorry man, I know how much my mom means to me and I am truly bleased to have her, you know what I think?, I think she's in a better place, I think that life is very short and I am sure your mom has been filled with knowledge that is unknown to us, I dont think you hsould stop smoking and im sure your mom loves you and is looking down at you and laughing with you as you enjoy your time.
  7. couldn't decide if this belonged in rec use or s/p but it leaned towards s/p so i moved it

    Mod crap aside I'm sorry for you man, but if heaven exists I'm sure that a supreme understanding comes with it and that your mom now knows that pot is harmless compared to some of the real problems in the world or in your life. She's probably glad that you have something to bring you a little higher and a little closer to heaven whenever you want it.

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