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i been smoking too much herb help!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by XJuniorStonerX, May 5, 2011.

  1. #1 XJuniorStonerX, May 5, 2011
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    ive been smoking weed for just under a year and just about everyday for about 5. the thing is i dont get those laugh all the ime evrything is fun highs anymore. it normal for me to be high and i feel out of whak when im sober. is there ny way to get the fun highs back like a month long t-break or something
    ive taken small week breaks but ijust get wsuper stoned i still dont get the fun back. and i cant really upgrade my weed cause its the dankest stuff in these parts. it a hybrid that leans to indica a bit so its all i smoke, when other people bring the weed i hardly get a buzz
    its still fun but i used to even think about a joke and i start laughting my ass off. its isnt as good but still good. and kush smoker i aint no krackhead
  2. Yea t-break. Or smoke only once a week or something. If you cut down either way it will improve the quality of your buzz. You get burned out smoking all the time. But yet I still do it. Like E!
  3. Take a Tolerance break. OR upgrade your weed =D Time for some DANK GDP from the club holla!

    The Brosky:smoke:
  4. try smoking one hitter hits ina bowl.

    just put enough for one hit in your pipe

    kept doing that until you feel a buz
  5. Well I guess it all depends on what one finds "funny and fun". Maybe you just need to smoke more? I have no problem smoking a bowl or two and just.. relax and enjoy whatever I'm doing at the time.
  6. After a while you just have to appreciate the high that weed gives you , if you just want a stronger buzz, try crack?
  7. Upgraydd......hash

    The dd us for a double dose of pimpin
  8. When you become more used to weed, the effects aren't as profound.

    I used to get those giggle highs as well, and I still get some giggle fits, but not as often.

  9. 10 year smoker here.

    eventually you will no longer smoke for the giddy laughing highs.

    at this point, it is the mind state it puts me in that i love so much
  10. T-break! I'm starting today..

  11. crack? more like shrooms
  12. Take a t break. I would recommend 2 months at least. I only smoke once a week or so and I get really high every time. When I used to smoke everyday, I would get high, but it took more, and I would never get *that* high.
  13. You don't need to smoke a bunch more to achieve those "first time" highs. The problem is that you are now smoking EXPECTING to burst out laughing. What you need to do is not place any expectations on your high; if you smoke leisurely and are in a good mood those weed induced laugh attacks will come.

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