I beat up a purse snatcher tonight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by InnerPeace, May 25, 2010.

  1. So i was chillin on my balccony smoking bowls and it's really dark right. Well this woman is walking down the sidewalk and out of nowhere this guy runs up and snatches her purse. So I put down my sherlock bubbler on the table, hopped my balcony fence and chased the guy down. When I got close to him I pounced on him like a tiger and brought him down, and hit his head on the pavement 3 times. I got up and let him get up too. While he was halfway up I kicked him really hard in the face and punched him 7 times. Then I spit on his face and gave the purse back to the lady.
  2. haha, fuckin nice
  3. good for you, kickin ass for anther day
  4. dont fuck with stoners
  5. bulllllshitttt

  6. [​IMG]
  7. You should start a stoner vigilante group, keeping the streets safe!
  8. lol nice. 2nd story balcony?
  9. You hit my face pretty hard. Take it easy on me next time.
  10. This! haha, and a bit excessive with the facekick? But i'm sure the guy deserved it! If that was me I probably would've panicked and thrown my bong at him or some shit...
  11. haha he deserved it.
    i had my hangbag snatched late at night when i was with a few girlfriends (few years ago now). this guy came out of literally no where and ran threw us, grabbed my handbag and ran. these guys on the street chased him straight away and one of them kicked him right in the nuts so he fell back, when the other punched him in the face. i got my bag back but i've never been so scared:( its horrible getting your bag stolen

    i was very grateful for the guys though, i had a lot of stuff in my bag. im sure the lady you helped was grateful too:D
  12. Now that's not very nice. what if you were that bag snatc..baaahaha nah just fuckin with ya. You did a good thing there + rep.
  13. He was probably about to go buy a chronic sack w/ her dough :)

    That's bad ass though, good shit man. The lady give you anythin as reward?
  14. Haha, nice one saving the lady ;) +1
  15. You're a modern day superhero, good sir!
  16. What if like.. that lady stole that guys girlfriends purse... and he was just taking it back... and then you beat his ass
  17. What if like.. He killed the guy by slamming his head into the ground and then kicking him in the face? I mean it's cool and all that you stopped a scumbag, but if you really did what you said you did, good chance that guys is going to the hospital, they ask questions at hospitals, and I don't think he's going to hesitate to say what happened when he could possibly sue you for a ton of money in medical bills if you shattered his face for no reason. You're not in the clear in the eyes of the law when you kick someone in the face as they try to get up and then keep punching them in the head.

  18. yo johnny law, stop sticking up for the douche bags of the world. they deserve to get their ass beat for purse snatching. its like the easiest way to make a buck, its almost as easy as taking candy from a baby.

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