I Baught A Grow Tent - Now What?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MarquisGemini, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    Last night the workplace I just departed from gave my my payout (I didnt even know I was getting one..) so BAM I baught a huge grow tent exactly how I wanted.

    eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

    The measurements are-

    Length - 7.8 FEET
    Width - 3.9 FEET
    Height - 6.5 FEET

    The ad says that it is recomended to have maximum of 1000 WATT Lamp in there (HAVE to assume thats MH/HPS as CFLs produce no heat), what are your opinions on this?

    And also, what size/wattage inlet and outlet fan will I need?

    PS - ... For this size tent, I'm gonna need a carbon filter arent I? lol

    It should arrive within 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!! It's only coming from 2 hours away by drive.
  2. Set it up and let it de-gas outside! A few years back there were some problems with some of them giving off fumes that actually killed plants! They have supposedly fixed all that, but I would still set it up outside for a day or so!
  3. Yeah they say theyve fixed it but I'll take your word for it mate, why fuck with fate hahaha. So okay, so you get it, set it up, close it off, leave it outside.

    In the sun, the shade?

    You wouldnt be able to help me with my fan questions in this post would you :p
  4. Sun! The heat and UV will help!
  5. I'm thinking between 6-8 plants. Wiring them down. I don't want to sea of green them, I'll wait untill I start cloning. For my first operations I will be growing directly from feminized seeds from a London bank.
  6. well my friends bought one of the ruffly 8x4x7 tents probably the same one you have and put 2 1000w lights into it and even with a 14,500 btu ac unit it was getting to hot - the lights were drawing air from outside the tent about room temp and back out the other side so there wasnt any hot air from the lights being circulated through the tent, the ac was the type that has 2 6 inch lines on it, 1 that sucks clean air through and 1 that it blows the hot air out of and it was sucking the air from again room temp 70-74 deg F air and blowing the exhaust out of the house - there were 2 6 inch ~700 cfm fans 1 blowing clean air into the tent from the 70-74 deg F room and 1 sucking air out of the tent through a carbon filter placed inside the tent

    with everything closed up it was getting up to 85 deg F or more sometimes and it was just not working, he got another 14,500 btu ac and that solved the problem but I have used a 12,500 btu ac in a room 2x that size or more with 3 1000 watt lights and had no problems at all so we eventually took the tent down because it was just not working properly

    we have used it camping with a tarp over it so it didnt get wet and let me say it was the warmest tent by far and the best thing was the ground was not cold from all the insulation in it - so its not a camping tent for us and we have cut some holes and put in plastic windows from a jeep and other vented windows from tents - although it takes linger then all the others to put up and needs a tarp to keep water from leaking we did coat it with tompsons tarp sealer but still (also not sure if it does leek we didnt want to find out) but its so warm its used for hunting season and with the built in exhaust holes you can put a camping stove inside with no problems and even pass things through them when its cold to not have to open it up

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