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I barely get high anymore....:(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by m4x20, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. I've been smoking weed for about 2 years but I have only been smoking it heavily for about a year. Heavily meaning one to three times a day and seldom missing a day. (The most I haven't smoked during the past year is a week). Normally, I take about 10 bong tokes in a session if I'm trying to save weed. If not, then I can take many more than that, but for about the past month, if I pick up a gram, it lasts me a day and I barely get high when I smoke. I don't feel the euphoric high anymore, I just get kind of hungry and that's all. I miss laughing my ass off at Family Guy after I take a few hits off a joint. Now I can smoke multiple bowls and not even get very high and not to mention weeds expensive. What do I do? Thanks
  2. you stop smoking for a few weeks. That's all you can do.
  3. I know how you feel, happened to me just after the summer - smoked a joint and I didn't even get high, same stuff I've been smoking since spring. I suffer with insomnia and I can use any drug (other than stimulants like x LOOOL) to sleep pretty much, and weed helps the best! I have to be completely stoned otherwise it takes ages to sleep and it became such a problem that I started to only smoke after 9pm. 
    I think I had a wake n bake every day from june-september, but since cutting down I have almost been feeling the 'first time high' again! Sleep is much easier, but I have started to crave which I never have before. Not so much that I'll do anything for a joint, but one where if I smelt a joint a few blocks away I'd be there in a heartbeat haha! I'm getting to the end of my stash, which I thought was stale at one point cause I hardly got high off it - turns out if you cut down and stop smoking you do bring your tolerance back to your old levels. Only because I read a study that suggested that CB1 receptors are damaged by THC and actually get killed off by the chemical but THCV almost protects them. 
  4. The definition of tolerance. 
  5. Get some omega 3 in ya! Give it a few weeks and you'll notice a drop in tolerance.
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    All of these stories about people who dont get high anymore kinda scare me lol. I hope it doesn't happen to me. From reading all these stories it seems like some people actually get addicted to weed and there are things like no appetite without weed or depression. Is it a real addiction? I heard weed is not physically addictive though
  7. I have a better way you unoriginal dickbutts.

    Try to smoke less amounts every day. Eventually descending to 2 seshes a day.

    Your goal is one sesh a day. I recommend during the evening after dinner.

    sent from my brains asshole
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    10 bong tokes in a session is a lot... try hitting the bong and slowly exhale your hits while enjoy the tastes of bud, 3~5 hits of good bud should be enough
  9. As long as a idea works what does it matter if its original or not?
  10. T-break for 5 days and then see If you don't giggle at family guy. If you can take more than 10 bong rips in a sesh, then you be smoking shwag homie.

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