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I ate way too much of an edible

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ediblecrazy, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Short story; i am an occasional smoker and will light one once a week or two but recently my friend got me an edible that was 150mg I have never ate an edible before so like a dumb fucking idiot i ate the whole serving of the edible. I got crazy high almost to the point where i almost did a back flip in a busy restaurant (lol). Its been two days and i still feel really out of touch with reality, has anyone ever felt like this?
  2. Yeah happened to me at church of all places, was my aunts wedding held at a church and me and Buddy came stoned and everyone noticed because we were acting stupid and my mom got so mad lol

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  3. Thats like 4 sevings for someone who eats edibles LOL
    you must have been bugging
  4. i'm still not the same lol
  5. Give it time
    Takes a while for THC to clear
    If you are young could take longer
  6. Learn about anything you decide to put in your body
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  7. Yes. My first time having brownies/weed ever, I had too much and it felt like the atmosphere around me was super intense... Felt out of touch and close to death kind of. My friend tried to put me down for a nap and I woke up like 10 times not knowing which one was real. For days after I still felt unreal/out of touch. o_O
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  8. your pain puts me at ease, i thought i was going crazy
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  9. Haha, thats good. It was the trippiest thing ever. I learned to pace myself after that :p
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  10. Haha I feel like everyone has to do it once, the last time I had edibles my vision was shaking I've never been that high from weed in my life I actually nearly greened out for the first time in my life I was dry wrenching over the toilet, didn't vomit though But I didn't freak out I knew I was just high as shit so I just sunk into the couch for a night

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  11. were you off a couple of days after or no?
  12. Your stomach is no place for drugs you can't handle. Smoke knows this story all too well.
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  13. smoke from the friday movies? lmfaooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. I don't think so I smoke every day so I didn't notice a difference apart from my tolerance went up

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  15. I love edibles, ate a whole cookie once and was shootin lazer beams out my toes. I dont know the mg of the cookies I have but, good stuff
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  16. lazer beams? dude i need to have what you had lmao
  17. That's that footloose strain right there. Upgraded to deadmau5 hydro lit volcanofeet.
  18. it was awesome, There strong enough that a quarter size blasts me, my tolerance is still pretty low too

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