I ate 3 damn edibles

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  1. Okay, so I was a dumbass and ate 3 edibles (it was my first time) and it's been 5 days now and I'm still feeling depersonalized - like spacy. Senses all feel out of whack. My anxiety flares up occasionally and I feel like I might remain like this indefinitely.. Like the Marijuana has affected my brain chemistry permanently

  2. When i first started smoking i had that problem. When you become a regular user it doesnt affect you, it's a thing that'll happen to anyone whos inexperienced ive noticed.

    Any mind altering substance will affect you. Just wait it out if your not planning on eating edibles or toking again.

    Everyones different try excercise and do some mathematics or crosswords or do some gaming to distract yourself.
  3. Quick, eat another one!

    Hair of the dog.
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  4. Yeah but I'm a regular smoker and it had built up in my system already
  5. But I definitely will do brain and physical exercises
  6. Nothing to help you with. Drink plenty of fluid, exercise and, you are going to be just fine. Doing too many edibles will have a much longer side effect than if you smoked/vaped it. Next time, start with 5-10 mg and work your way up.

    I see so many threads on people taking too many edibles or smoke too much and have these issues. Guys really ought to do a little research before using instead of taking advice from friends or whoever.

    Ah this explains it. Eating edibles is different when it comes to tolerance than smoking/vaping due to it being processed through your liver.
  7. It's a completely different thc once your liver processes it. 5x stronger 2x longer (or other way around lol)

    Eating certain foods will re trigger the high at times.
    Read some of @BrassNwood 's threads. You'll get a better feel for where in the realm of high you are/were. His hash caps are the strongest thing I've ever had, and honestly scared the shit out of me after 5+ years experience wth "strong" edibles.
    Take all in stride, and keep your mind busy. It will help with the jetlag.
  8. I get the same symptoms on the rare occasion I end up sober.
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