i ask that an exspert awnser these questions please!! thanks so much

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BBB_BBB, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. HI ALL!! im a new grower and i have a few question about indoor growing so if anyone wish's to reply or just give helpful tip's ill be gratefull!!

    1.) i am wantin to know what to do to keep the main stem from growin real long as to prevent breaking and ect.

    2.) alsoit would be helpful to figure out how much to water the plant when it 1st sprouts and how much to increase after its grown a bit.

    3.)last but not least-could someone plz exsplain strains to me im not real sure as to what people mean when they say 1st strain,2nd strain ect.

    4.) how do you tell if the plant is a male or female before its to late?
  2. whats going on BBB? before you have to put on the flame suit, let me give you some GC advise :) there are prolly more post on this board asking those very same questions that you just posted. in fact several threads down, there are a couple of moderators expressing their displeasure of our newer members not bothering to try to find the answers to these simple questions themselves. honestly, you may not get a response since the info is so readily available. first things first, i would read a couple of journals. most of them are from start to finish. any problem that you could prolly think of has been documented and is easily findable and normally has a solution. the problem lies when the question is a simple one. come back to us with some knowledge on the "basics" when it starts to get complicated, and it will if you dont read, then you will have questions that will get you many answers. for now, though, the only way you can help us is if you help yourself by doing a little reading :)
  3. well i have been gettin on here often and searching for awnser's but it seems that no one is asking the same questions i am askin so it is farely hard to get the solution to the question's but i will keep looking if that is the advice you give well i guess its back to the post's thx anyhow man...anyone has awnsers plz feel free to reply thx
  4. okay, ill help you out since youve been lurking :) okay, to prevent plants from stretching, the light source has to produce enough lumen per sq ft to be effect. some people go by watt per sq ft. i dont care. i have a certain amount of plants that i will grow at a time where i dont have to worry about that since my light source is big enough for the amount i want to gro. obviously, you have to have the correct type of light. for veg, most people use floros or mh for this time period. for flowering most will use hps (compact floros for flowering have become popular also) so as long as your light source is not to less and not to close to the plant to cause burns, you will never experience internode stretch which is undesired.

    sprouts need to be watered maybe 1-2 times a week. less if youre brave, but not advisable. you dont want to keep the soil saturated when the seedlings lift off. they need a semi-dry medium to make it.

    im not quite following you on your strain question. unless youre talking about someone who has a multiple genetic grow. they jus know what they are growing. the only other thing i could think of that you could be talking about, wether or not a plant is a sativa (thin leafed) or indica (broad leafed)

    unless your plant is kept in veg so long it starts to autoflower, or you start the process of 12/12 you wont beable to tell the sex until about 2 weeks after they are put into flower mode
  5. well i guess i might just start to direct my question at you-you seem to know wats goin on am i right? anyhow another thing how long would you suggest i let my baby grow before i start to go to convert the plant to more dark rather then light and when im about to de-bud the plant do i have to kill the entire plant or can a plant flower more then once?

  6. from veg to flower depends on more things than one. first, you have to have an idea of how much verticle space you have to work with. these are weeds and grow like such :) i am a height control freak and restrictor. during veg, i normally tie and twist my plants to unatural forms. this exposes bottom shoots for a more even distribution of light, which in turn slows down the main grow point. the plant is redistributing energy to try to make things even. of course it never will get even and i will never allow it to. i normally like to be completely done from seed to chop in 3 mos. thats 5-6 weeks spent in the vegetative state and 7-9 weeks flowering. all this depends on strain, how much of a yield youre shooting for etc.

    you dont have to harvest all the buds when your plant matures. some people do reveg them for a second harvest. im thinking it will work, but why waste the time or space for less bud, it will never produce the amount as the first harvest, might as well either grow from clones or from seed again.
  7. im not sure if this is what your talking about when you say strain 1 and strain 2, but do you mean F1, F2, F3, etc....? if so an F1 plant is like the original strain... it is what it is... but an F2 strain is one that has been pollinated by a another plant, and its seeds are now second generation.... then if the plants from those seeds give off seeds, they are F3.... im pretty sure that accurate... but im not 100% on that... its been awhile....
  8. well, naughtdread ur are the pro. i havent grown one so im just a noob but im hopen for the best out of this one...me and my brother got this apartment together and so our money is directed other places which is forcen us to grow so-im just tryin to gain all the knowledge i possibly can!! also on the vertical space we're workin with 3-5 cubic feet of space is that any good?

    also, i believe ur problably correct john i had no clue i just over herd some peep's talkin bout strains and was curiose-thx man for ur expsertise as well!!
  9. p1 = pure true breeding strain eg afgani or thai

    f1 = a hybrid cross of 2 p1 plants of difrant types. a f1 is known to have hybrid viggor and is normaly better than either p1 parent plant and is normaly consistent in type eg afgani x thai

    f2 = a plant which has a f1 mom and dad of the same type, eg afganiXthai x afganiXthai it is not as stable as a f1 and does not have the viggor

    f3 = work it out....

    through selective breeding the cross of afgani and thai cud become stable and become a p1 in its own right, when back crossed with either a afgani or thai eg (afgani x thai) x afgani it will be a f1 again, stable and viggorous. that wud normaly be given a cool and trendy name and sold in packs of ten for £50
  10. both northen lights and haze are crosses that have been stableised into p1s

    northen lights x haze is a f1
  11. since u concern with grow space.... i suggest u grow Indica, and practice topping, fimming, and training or u can use a scrog....

    re-veg, is good for a second harvest, and too take clones.... oh yea, becarefull with the re-veg plants, some might turn hermie on u...

    indica- stays short, with fat leaves, and short fat big buds...these plants finish in 54days, and some known to finish earlier.... these is a stone mellow high....

    sativa- known for tall, thin leaves up too 12 or more.... buds are long, and slim and takes longer too finish....these is a up happy high witch gets u all gigiling...

    then there a combination of both....


  12. well, like i said before i have an apartment with my older brother and so we are limited on space and i am goin to buy some lights on saturday could anyone possibly tell me what lights i should get im not growing anything exotic just reg. swag!! thx again
  13. THUG.... thanks for that info man. I'd been wondering about that for awhile. And it all makes sense now :D
  14. well that really sux if the fluro's wont produce the mass bud ya know? i mean am i forced to use the fluro's? also to awnser you question-to be exact on dimension's i have about9-10 vertical to be truthful and about 12ft horizontal now that i have decided to move the spot to my room!! so what you thinkin now?

    thx again all
  15. ok i have just come back from the supermarket and i got me these few item's : i got a couple of fluro's- one use's 42 wats but actually does the same as a 200 wat fluro-and the other a 15 wat that does the same as a 60 wat fluro-i did this so i could save my ass on the elec. bill lol

    2nd i got a smalll bag of soil because this is just an exsperiment-now can anyone tell me if this soil will work-heres the number thingy's on the front of the bag-08-14-09

    welll thats what i got for now ill post again when yall do

    thx again all
  16. HIGH All, by far an expert but have a little knowledge..

    Nitrogen (N) Phosphorous (P) & Potassium (K)

    The first number you see distinguishes the amount of nitrogen (N) your fertilizer contains. Nitrogen promotes vegetative growth. Consider a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 25-4-2. By volume this means it would have 25% nitrogen, 4% phosphorous, and 2% potassium. When nitrogen is the prominent product always think:Green Growth

    The second number is phosphorous (P). It promotes root growth and stimulates bud development. If you are trying to get your plants to bloom or you need to stimulate root growth a formula such as 3-20-3 would be appropriate. When phosphorous is the prominent product think: Roots & Blooms

    Potassium (K), the third number, increases plant vigor, which makes a healthier plant. A healthy plant is less susceptible to contract diseases. It also helps fruiting. When potassium is the prominent product think: Overall Plant Health, Fruit Production

    Now can you tell us what fert you have?
  17. well what i was really askin is will it hurt if the soil isnt like 20-10-10? because the soil i got is ment for african lilly's or some bull lol its ok isnt it? and i didnt get a reply on the light's does anyone think they will do?
  18. so far youre on the right track. if youre going to use the 20-10-10, you may want to cut that mix with plain topsoil. i may be wrong with this, but seedlings are delicate things. they dont actually need any type of nutrients until around 3rd week of veg. but then again, the soil youre going to use may be fine and may not effect your seedlings in anytype of negative way. what you could do is get a pH kit and test the soil. as long as your pH ranges from 5.8-6.8 or so, i think you should be fine. 5.8 may be a lil harsh on the seedlings.

    as far as the lights, they would work for veg. i wouldnt go that route with flowering, but if you dont think you can afford the hps, there are good readings on compact floro grows on OG. i could be of no help to you there because i choose hps to flower. as far as im concerned, if youre going to do it, spend the time, money, risk and effort, you might as well do it in a way where its worth it. all this shit pays for itself anyways, even if thats not your motivation.

    for your light situation. you could go 600 watts, but seriously, i think you could maintain 5-6 plants with 400 watts. not only is it easier on your electricity bill, the heat is more manageable and 400 watts in a closet jus sounds safer than 600 watts. :) ive produced massive sized buds under my 400 and i am happy with the invest i made in mine.
  19. HIGH All, shit I'll come grow them for you.....sure your lights will work...won't get a big abundence of Bud, but you will get something.

    Don't use the soil for your seedlings the ferts will kill your seeders..when a seed starts to grow the cotyledons...first set of leaves feed your newly sprouted plant...when these die O.F.F.F. it's time to start and feed your plant lightly at first then up your ferts as the weeks go on.
  20. my girlfirend and i are goin out sometime in the near future when the seed's have allready sprout'd because im probally thinkin the light's are a lil bit 2 small myself-now about that 400w bulb...i seriously doubt i can hang with that but i may be able to!!

    also the soil should do ok i guess i should think if not wat should i resort 2? reg. dirt? like just dirt from out front or what?

    thx all

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