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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Big Bambucha, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. thank you for the advice. now that i think about it that must be what the problem was. when i look back i think i over watered it way too much. woody said i can cut below the dead part of the stem so i did. he said it would grow back but it would take a while. i put it back under 24 hour light, but when i woke up this morning, the left over stem was all brittle:( ( she's a goner) im really sad, but i shouldn't have expected too much, its my first time, but it was a good learning experience. i have four more seeds germinating now, and i have read a lot more about growing, so hopefully i will have more success next time. im now gonna give her a proper burial and ask the weed gods to give me the power to grow good buds with my next plant. i'll keep you updated once my new one's start to grow. thanx for everything. im now gonna go smoke a bowl and try to put a smile on my face. peace out.

    i tried to grow
    but it didn't work out.
    so now im gonna smoke a bowl
    and try and figure some new ideas out.
    got 4 more germinating
    hopefully i'll have success
    thanx everyone on grasscity,
    without you i wouldv'e been a complete mess!

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