I appreciate gc forums..

Discussion in 'General' started by since93, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I really do....and i definitely understand what people mean they say "it feels like coming out of the closet"....
  2. Are you coming out of the closet?
  3. It is a very gay friendly community. Lawl.
  4. well im definitely coming out in the weed sense thats for sure...and it IS very gay friendly site, i agree....
  5. I thought YESTERDAY was come out of the closet day.
  6. what?...dude no man...im coming out in the sense like "over a period" you know?...how can one change his/her in a day...this is more of a process than one single move...at least thats what happening with me....
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6ve17gbi6E]YouTube - Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out[/ame]
  8. What's it like IN the closet?

    I've never been there but I can imagine lots of flamboyant colors.......... cute and fuzzy bunnies and kittens all over...........Lots of silk and chiffon....................

    Oh yeah......lots of buttsex too.

    But I digress..........

    I too, appreciate GC Forums.

    Just about everyday by 10:00 in the morning, I wind up accepting the fact that no matter what........I am not going to be productive at all for the rest of the day. This is usually the result of getting involved with GC and its stonerific forums.
  9. lots of people keep their procannabis views to themselves...what do you mean how does it feel in the closet?!
  10. It's cramped and dark in the closet.

  11. 1.) I didn't ask how it feels.............I askied what it's like in the closet.

    2.) I thought you were referring to a different closet.

    3.) Now that I know which closet you're talking about..........I have some new questions as I have never been in the cannicloset (or any closet, for that matter):

    How does it feel to be in there? (Yes, now I'm asking). What I mean is, is it frustrating not being able to openly be honest about what you choose to smoke?

    Is it difficult for you to pick-up? How do you ask around for bud without letting anyone who knows you know you're asking?

    How do you smoke during social engagements?
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhBi7lLieJU]YouTube - Lestat and Louis are trapped in the closet[/ame]
  13. 1. sucks obviously...its difficult to live what you want and try to balance othe rfactors/people in your life

    2. no..the weed closet...

    3. lol the answer is in item number 1...:)

    pickup...well, my dealer is relatively straight so not too hard....its just sometimes the draught hits and he just cant get his hands on any you know?....i dont "ask around" for weed, only from my dealer or i go dry...

    how do i smoke at social gatherings...umm....freely?....lol i mean i dont go to anyones house so the only place that applies is when i frequent the bars of my choice...and i just smoke there..not too blatantly but...you know...covertish?
  14. were you born in 1993
  15. no....74...been smoking since 93....

  16. that's clever.
  17. and ima let you finish, but Clay Aiken had one of the best come-outs of all time.

  18. hahaha
  19. Yeah these forums are a nice place to let your thoughts out, most people understand no matter how far out your idea seems to be. :smoke:

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