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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Big Bad Voodoo, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. Hello big bad voodoo made a big bad booboo sry for that crazy talk i was doin but i have to say i was pretty messed and thats not good. That is the reason people think bad of stoners is dumbasses like me.

    a happy story:

    Well my friend is a crazy son of a bitch (spelled out),even more than me. So while in bed dreaming of paris hilton getting fucked by me in nightvision, he calls me and with cock in hand, i picked up. Well apparently his mom found his gun,1ounce,various smoking articles, and also lighters.
    She said that he has to get a job and never will be able to do anything remotely fun (janet jacksons boob discussions) forever so. Logically he took his moms fucking escalade and picked me the fuck up so we can toke and shit for the last time.
    Well that was some crazy shit, for example: at taco bell we kept runnin over that little sensor thing and she said in a great big mexican voice (i dont hate them)\"can i make you a mexican pizza\". After a big negative we proceed to order over 50$of soft tacos. The money came from fucking nowhere. Yeah i have adhd so if shit wanders off topic bear with me.
    Anyhow 4 retalin 3 bowls later and all that food is gone.(funny thing is i didnt even eat)
    And i still live with parents cuz im a fucking moocher of food. So hes all like your fucked up go home and im like fuck yeah right. But there is a problem for i cannot jump onto my roof like 7 foot amazon bitches (think of signs teh movie). So i inspect the problem. after like 5 secs i decide to climb it with monkey like quickness a white person is incapable of doin. good thing im mixed rofl. YEah well funny shit when i was climbing i only fell 4 times. it never hurt. but thats not even the climax.
    Cuz my fucking dad comes out with his fucking .22 and is like WTF quote \"(edit, by Sid) stealing my shit\" im not racist comes out and almost shoots the car. YEah you thought that was some crazy shit but after that his fucking mom said he wasnt grounded. lol j/k hes grounded but wtf crazyiest shit ever dude and i have pics on his phone ima upload that shit.
  2. crazyness.. just crazy.

    pics!! upload em!! we wanna see!

  3. agreed
  4. that sounds like the most fun night ever, haha.. too bad it was for your last :(

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