I apologize in advance, looking for safe dispensary.

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  1. Hey yall. In US, where is a reputable dispensary/genetics company some of you have used? I've searched threads cant seem to find a good answer. Ohio, btw.
  2. SCSA
    South Coast Safe Access.
    But it's in southern California so I doubt it's much use.
    Weedmaps Ohio.

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    What do you mean by safe? Are you referring to the quality and safety of the product or about the compliance of the dispensary with the law? I see you say you are from Ohio, but depending on how scared you are on the whole thing, I would recommend going to a state that has legal dispensaries. Take Los Angleles for example. I'm trying myself to open a dispensary there, so maybe I'll invite you to min in a couple of months, if everything goes to pla, of course. I'm in the middle of reading every site and website for all the info that I can get on how to open a dispensary in a legal manner. From all the research that I've done so far, I'd say you should definitely pay close attention to the quality of the product you are going to get. It's super important to get exactly what is mentioned on the tag, not a mixture of sketchy stuff.
  4. Would prefer to stay out of prison
  5. Well Cannabis is still against the law in Ohio. So either leave the state or obey the laws. It's really very simple.
    <-- California legal since 1996.
  6. I will do just that

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