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i am way too high to be typing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Prof. Toke, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. number 1 i cant find the "im high section" on this board i d k if we even have one (not eh number 1) but we need to have one cause i want one( maybe for christmas?) andyway back on topic i wanted to share with u what i learned today, basically when u smoke the soul of bob marly comes and watches over u, and if u play him (like i am now) he come in your mind and dances on ur brain and thats why its so awesome. idk just an idea that i was figuring out on paper, i had diagrams and shit going its amazing, oh shit i should stop this before anyone doesnt watn to read it anymore sry if im not making sence right now, omg i love this song, ok i have to go finish the mathamatical situations i was drawing on paper lolololllololollolololloool hahaha just like that master cheif video where he has a robot voice omg taht was funny.
  2. sounded like me when i was 14 and smoked for the first time
  3. *^date* dunnadunnana (news music)...

    i was over in the other forum reading about some poor guy who got jacked of hsi maui shit he had, its nuts i feel so bad for him right now.
  4. LMFAO

    reps to you for making me giggle :hello:
  5. i remember my first joint
  6. hey this isnot my first time or whatever(siad in like angry but still kinda happy ur hear voice) i just dont smoke every hour and ive only been smoking fo4 4 months (im 18 ) so my toorance is lower. im gunna put up pictures of my shit i was figuring out in 3.....2........................1............seconds (but serioulsy i dont want to bum the party its gunna be awhile idk how long but im pretty blazed right now and someone is the nxt dorm over is blasting nickleback so that pisses me off right now so im gunna go bust some skulls...............BRB!!! dunnadunnana (action music this time)
  7. [​IMG]


    oh and i thought of a new idea. ok so like u know those kids that are will u when u are doin a bowl or j or watever and its puff puff pass, they like try and sneak hits in when u arent looking or watever, i bet theres a rouge ninja out there called the puff puff ninja that just fucks those kids up like he jumps out.....kkkkkkkappppppppwwwwwwww!!! anfd just fucks there hole familiy and shit just right there a split second then hesgone and u would be like was that really the ninja and u would be like shit wouldnt ya know itit was ...
  8. wow im so glad i dont know you in real life.
  9. ^^^^ what he said

    you need to chill the fuck out
  10. yo... quit bein a buzzkill, the kids havin a good time. maybe it is his first joint, you don't know.

    either way, next time i'm not so sure i'd post this in the 'seasoned tokers' section bro, that's just askin for it.:smoking:

  11. +rep for the most real response to such an easily attackable thread. Good job for staying mature when you didn't have to.

    to the OP enjoy that shit.
  12. Now that i think of it when i was 13 and i started blazing that is hands down EXACTLY like i used to type on the computer. Without even looking at the keyboard and typing random thoughts that come into my head. Soon enough the OP will learn self control and wont go around making a fool of himself

    and for all u haters chill out man hes havin a good time and i thought his post was entertaining

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