I am trying to start growing, but I need help.

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  1. I want to start growing but I don't know how to start. I would appreciate if you guys can give tips, recommend videos, or whatever. Recommend the cheap but good quality tools I'll need. Tell me everything. I know Absolutely NOTHING about marijuana growing so I can use anything you guys can tell me. . I was thinking of just starting out with a small cup. Im also new to forums, so sorry if I have trouble replying to some of you. 
    P.S.: I will keep you guys updated with photos to help me along the way.
    Can I use seeds from dried pot? If not, how can I get some.
    What are strains?
    I've seen a video talking about how it could be bad if you see a male leaf on your plant. How can it be bad?
    How ofter to water the plant? Can I just get some soil from my backyard? Fertilizer?
    Can it get light from a standard Lamp? Can it be in my closet (a little dusty)?
    How do I know if my plant is in good shape?

    That's a pretty tall order bub, maybe you could meet us halfway and do some basic research? I suggest flipping through the pinned threads at the top of the forum.
    Good Luck!! :bongin:
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  3. Yea just do like he said. Come up with a plan on where you plan on putting them, what type of lights your using how big is your area, ventilation, ect, ect.... (WHAT CAN YOU AFFORD) money plays a big role here. If you have unlimited funds then your lucky but if your like alot of people (me included) you have a budget. People like to help but I seen guys get ripped over that same question. I hope I helped you in some way Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. Oh...I thought you wanted a workout to follow. My bad.........tiny!
  5. Being a noob my self. After buying a cheaper box on ebay, I would rather of bought a tent that has all the fans and filters and light setups. A good one I found was around 400-475. Thats not including growing mediums and nutrients. I have spent almost 1000 dollars including 4 different strains. All auto and very small growing plants. Like star ryder and polar lights.mi ordered from mjseeds in canada. Came quick and discreet. You can ask the seed people what limitations you have and they will help you to find a good strain. Sativas have the best thc contentand some of the best highs, but some indica/sativa crosses are pretty potent and quite tasty. Lol. I dont know much but I am very new to this and didnt realize how much it costs. My wife and I wanted to do this to save the 400-600 a month we are spending on really good bud. It is very nerve racking but these people on this site are awsome and will help you as much as they can. They were all noobs at one point in time. Some when the stuff was still legal I bet. Lol

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