i am trying to find the best blunt wrap with good amount of nicotine

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 015, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. a blunt wrap with enough nicotine, that is freely available at a gas station.

    i just like that nicotine buzz
  2. good ol cancer buzz

    but anyways the Backwoods give a strong, lip and tongue tingling carcinobuzz. some hip hoppers seem to like them.

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  3. He beat me to it
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  4. Dutchmasters chocolates, or vanilla.

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  5. Ehh dutches arent too much stroger than swishers. Great flavor tho
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  6. Was gonna post backwoods too, I love em

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  7. Does anyone else have any recommendations on a whole leaf tobacco wrap?
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  8. Whaaaaat. That's all my friends smoke, lol.

    Super buzz every time I burn with them. They used to order these organic ones online and they would come in monstrous leafs. I'll ask them what it was.

    Other than that, grabba leaves are readily available around here and work great.

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  9. Are grabba leaves the ones that come in one long wrap that you just cut to size?
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  10. Exactly what they are. My homies just rip off what they need along the stem/vascular veins and roll up with it. It's really economical honestly. One sesh we burn down probably like 5-10 depending on the amount of people and there's always most of it left. Crazy, lol.

    Me myself, I'm a paper and bong guy, but when I smoke blunts, it's whole leaf.
    Can't stand dutches anymore. Lol. They kill me.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
  11. So thats what that is, I always assumed I was allergic to them.

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