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I am trapped in my mind

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thimage, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Ok this requires a long story so if you cant be bothered to read it all then I understand but if you can then thanks and here goes.

    Basically it started with me and my friend trying out weed but every time something would go wrong like the first time I didn't inhale properly the second time it was too windy and the third time... I don't know maybe I didn't inhale properly but I didn't get high but my friend had got a high a lot without me and he knew a way to teach me to inhale properly because it worked on our other friend the first time he smoked. So we made a big plan to go out to the countryside and smoke there and then we could relax etc. So we left early and bought some snacks before heading on the fairly long trek. On the way there we decided we had three grams so we might as well smoke some right now to make the journey better as it was raining and stuff. So we found a little alcove in the wall, sat down and my friend rolled it for me. He then told me how to breath it in which he had a really good explanation so I smoked it and I breathed it in properly. I'm not sure how much we did it was between .3 - .8 g but after a minute i started to feel kind of drunk and it was pretty funny but then suddenly my ears started ringing and I felt really dizzy so I sat down but I ended up falling onto the grass. I felt like I was fading out of my body and everything was going until I passed out for around 10 seconds. (In the meanwhile my friend kept repeating 'everything is going to be okay, its all fine') but then I woke up and I was dizzy and my head wasn't ringing but I felt like I was in a dream and I kept waking up to a new layer of reality and I didn't like it at all so I stayed sat down and tried to eat something but I couldn't taste and everything was numb but I wanted to walk so we got up and carried on. I felt really bad that I was in a dream and I kept waking up mainly because of the short term memory and I kept trying to do stuff like walk infront of a car to wake myself up and luckily my friend stopped me. Unfortunately I didnt feel like going forward because the weed had made me feel really bad and it was raining and stuff so we walked back. The rest of that high was us walking back with me feeling horrible and then gradually feeling better till I felt okay around 2 hours after I smoked it. While I was high I never wanted to smoke again but after I was sober I just wanted to do it again but my friend went home and that was it.

    Fast forward a week to the holidays, me my friend from the last high and another friend I had mentioned somewhere earlier went to a park near town because we decided we were going to smoke again. I was scared that I passed out before because of low sugar levels even though I had eaten a chocolate bar and crisps. So this time I eat a snickers right before getting high. We found a place and we took it in turns to take hits. When it got down to about .2 being left I was feeling the same as I had when I passed out before and I kept repeating 'I'm never smoking again' whilst lying down on the mud floor and trying to remain calm. It didn't help that my fried who is new to this story had a low tolerance and kept saying random shit like 'was maths invented or discovered' (He actually said that) but I sat on a bench and continued to feel bad. Then I wanted to get up again so me and my friends got up and started walking to town. I'm not going into detail but random stuff happened and I was scared people were going to tell I was high. When I got to town with my friends I decided I needed to not think about all this stuff (Like having short term memory again :/) and to just try and have fun. So after that I tried and actually had a really good time laughing and not being able to understand anything with my friends :D It lasted a few hours and after the begging bit of horrible stuff I actually came round to having a good time.

    The next week we were back at college and I decided I wanted to smoke before going. Unfortunately I live pretty far away from my friends so I had to get weed off them the day before and smoke the next day alone. I smoked out a carrot pipe with a barbecue lighter in my house and after a bit I started feeling the horrible thing again but I needed to start walking to catch the bus to college so I took my mind off of it and left. After a few minutes I felt fine and it felt good again and my friend in college was also high so it was really good fun except I don't recommend doing it before school or college because working whilst high sucks and you just want to mess around with your friends. But I still had a fun time.

    So now your probably wondering what my problem is? I had a good time right? Well my problem is the last story happened a week ago and ever since then iv felt like iv been in a dream and it really scares me that I'm going to feel like this forever. Time goes by super quickly and I feel like I am trapped deep within my body and when I touch stuff I'm not actually feeling it. I have similar symptoms to derealization. When I'm with my friends I'm mainly okay but when I'm alone and especially if I listen to music (Kid cudi is da bomb) I think about it to much and I start feeling really scared and trapped. I know its from the weed but Im just scared it will never go away but If I knew it would go away soon I would be fine and wouldn't mind I'm just scared it will be like that for ages. Also in four weeks my friends and I have planned to smoke again and I know its going to make it worse but its so bad being sober when high and I always get really jealous when they smoke without me. I just want to be like everyone else and be able to smoke like I want is that too much to ask? :( :(

    Could someone inform me on if this will go away and if I can smoke again and give me some information or anything please! :) I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading this long story but I hope you can help!
  2. You weren't ready for the red pill yet.
    Welcome to the real.

    Give it time everything is going to be ok. Your mind was opened. THC has a tendency to do that.

    If you are really worried you don't need to partake, no need to be a follower. I rarely get drunk at alcohol fueled parties I just watch the show no pressure.

    Buy yourself a small pipe and take small hits if you really want to smoke. Don't overdo it pace yourself young padawan.
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  3. TWL nailed it. Baby steps. Anxiety is very common especially in new smokers. Many options. Little hits spread apart (don't be afraid to pass on every other or ever two rounds even. Dig up a mild strain. I always keep a Mexican around for folks new to the scene.
    Pace yourself and don't get discouraged!
    Also if you feel anything like that coming on, start an activity that is physical and mental like hacky sack or some frisby, or a short bike ride. It'll help ease you in.

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  4. have you ever thought about just kicking back at home, light a bowl and see how you are alone. Like just dont even think about it. Just pack and smoke. Dont expect anything. let it come to you. just idk keep your mind occupied. If you want to enjoy it, try it this way and you will see for yourself how you like it or not. Set and setting, used normally much more for powerful drugs but it goes for the same with Marijuana. Just relax and see what happens. If you respond negatively, why do it? Dont comply to conformity!!! Just do you. Do what is best for you.
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  5. Casper is right and TWL discussed abstaining as well. It isn't really a battle you can lose. Try some things and if they don't work remember it isn't for everyone. Nothing is!
    I've had some episodes like what you discussed, but not at the beginning. Usually now after long breaks. When I do I know I just have to ride it out for 30 mins and then I'll mellow out. Once my tolerance comes back I'm fine. Everyone's brain chemistry is different! Don't over think it. Try not to "pre-worry" and in the end, after a few more tries don't be afraid to say thanks, but no thanks.

    I'm really glad you brought this up. I feel like this is something not discussed around here often enough. It was cool of you to reach out.

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  6. I didn't read the post. Please excuse that. But I wanted to say that I always feel trapped in my body and not my mind when I'm high. Even when I'm not high.
    My mind comes up with some things that would be amazing to accomplish, but my body would never be able to do it.
    Just my two cents. Sorry if this contributed nothing.
  7. Ive had the same issue multiple times, to make that feeling go away smoke a decent amount and try to get anxiety everyday for a while. This will help because if you demand anxiety it will go away, the anxiety comes from fighting the high. Also smoking everyday will get your body/brain used to the THC, lowering the chances of anxiety or "feeling trapped in your mind"

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  8. But you know, OP, that once you go can never come back down!

    lol jk weed doesn't do that to you, but other prescribed drugs certainly can. If your mind is weak, weed will only be a problem to you. Just drink coffee like everyone else, caffeine is a hell of a drug.

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